Zip Toad

Zip Toad
Zip Toad.

Zip Toad is a famous movie star with an ego in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. He is one of the suspects in the investigation on board the Excess Express. He's located in room 001. It would turn out that Zip Toad was really Doopliss in disguise and hired by Beldam of the Shadow Sirens to be in the Express. Later in the game, the real Zip Toad will send Mario an email, that contains the actor in front of a window. He tells Mario that he was gonna film a movie in Toad Town called On Golden Toad 2 and he mentions another film he was in called The Toad Warrior.

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I KNEW I knew him! That's Zip Toad, the movie star! Women go NUTS for him! Y'know, he's hot and all, but he seems pretty stuck up about being famous. I guess all celebrities are kinda like that. It's too bad, 'cause I kinda liked him...

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