Yoshi Park

Yoshi Park

Yoshi Park as it is seen in Mario Superstar Baseball.

Game(s) stadium is in Mario Superstar Baseball
Mario Super Sluggers
Field Effects Piranha Plants infest the outfield to eat baseballs hit toward them. They spit out baseballs elsewhere and player who hit them are immobilized temporarily.
Special Minigame played here Piranha Panic


[edit] Basic Information and Features

Yoshi Park is one of the baseball stadiums that appears in Mario Superstar Baseball and Mario Super Sluggers. As its name implies, this is the home stadium for Yoshi in Superstar Baseball and Super Sluggers. This ballpark appears to be set on Yoshi's Island with specific visual similarities to Yoshi's Story. Far off in the background, you can see Yoshi's House from the Super Mario World games. In challenge mode, this is the ballpark where you can challenge Yoshi's Team to a baseball game. The Mini-game played here is Piranha Panic.

[edit] Appearance

[edit] Mario Superstar Baseball

This field has a lot of grass, much more than most other stadiums in both Superstar Baseball and Super Sluggers. Colored grass represents the outline of Yoshi's face on the field, though it has no effect on fielding. There are many things that link back to the game, Yoshi's Story. Chief among these are the similar color texture and the Super Happy Tree seen past the outfield wall. Speaking of the outfield wall, it is white and average height, meaning that batters and fielders alike have no advantages over each other when it comes to distance.

[edit] Mario Super Sluggers

In its Super Sluggers revamp, Yoshi Park is more of an amusement park than it is in Superstar Baseball. Shy Guys are seen on many of the rides in the amusement park, suggesting that the amusement park may have been made for Shy Guys to enjoy. During the day, there is a Yoshi Train that will circle the field during the game. It turns into a much longer Wiggler Train upon nightfall. Other characteristics such as the Yoshi House and color texture are kept from Superstar Baseball.

[edit] Field Effects

There is only one main field effect in Yoshi Park. Piranha Plants infest the outfield and will eat any baseball that gets close to them. The baseball is spit out in a random direction and will sometimes help the batter or the fielder. The Piranha Plant that is located in center field is the most helpful for the batter as it is the closest to the outfield wall. If the Piranha Plant spits it out over the fence, then it becomes a Ground-rule Double if the Piranha Plant picked it up off of the ground, or it becomes a Home-run if the baseball was still in the air. Also, any fielder that hits a Piranha Plant will be immobilized temporarily. The Piranha Plants return in Super Sluggers, but only during the nighttime. During the daytime, Warp Pipes are in the outfield where the Piranha Plants would be.

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