Yoshi's Story

Yoshi's Story
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[edit] Yoshi's Story

Genre: Arcade
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Perspective(s): 2-D Sidescroller

[edit] Story

Long before Mario was born, The Yoshis lived and peace and happiness. However, one day, Baby Bowser stole the root of their happiness, the Super Happy Tree, and the Yoshis had to live in misery. They were all captured by Baby Bowser and his mminions, except for 6 eggs, which all hatched, and the 6 Baby Yoshis had to work together to take back the Super Happy Tree and free the other Yoshis to live in harmony again.

[edit] Gameplay

Yoshi's Story is a side-scrolling arcade styled game. When you start each level, there is a dotted border along the screen. Everytime you eat a fruit, it takes up one dot, and once you fill up the border with fruit, the level is completed. However, it's not all fun and games. There is a Flower with petals on the top left. Everytime you get hurt, you lose a petal, and if you lose all of your petals, Baby Bowser's minions will capture the Yoshi you used. To attack enemies, you can eat the smaller ones to make eggs, and you can throw eggs at them.

In Story Mode, there are 6 pages, with all different lands, and each have four levels, the 1st the easiest and the 4th the hardest. To unlock the other levels, you have to collect a heart. One heart unlocks the next level, two unlock the next two levels, and three unlcok all of the levels. However, to et to the next page, you only need to complete three levels. On the sixth page is the boss battle against Baby Bowser.

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6 Yoshis

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