Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

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Yoshi's Island
Yoshis island frontcover.jpg

The North American box art

Developer Nintendo
Publisher Nintendo
Platform Super NES, Game Boy Advance
Release Dates Japan - August 5, 1995

North America - October 1, 1995

Genre Platformer
Rating (KA) Kids to Adults


[edit] Background

Kamek, a magikoopa, prophesied that twins born this morning would bring ruin to the Koopa family. And as he predicted, that very morning a stork is delivering a pair of twins to their parents. Kamek grabs his broom and heads off to catch the stork in mid-flight. His plan is simple: Ambush the stork and kidnap the babies. But Kamek only grabs one, and the other baby falls to the island below.

Baby Mario lands safely on Yoshi's Island. The Yoshis find Mario, along with a map that leads to his parents' house. Using a relay system, the Yoshis must work together to reunite baby Mario with his brother, and make sure the twins get home safely.

[edit] Gameplay

At first glance, SMW2 looks like your average Mario platform game. Except this time, you control the very resourceful Yoshi. He can now throw eggs, pound the ground, ski, and morph into various vehicles. Baby Mario rides on Yoshi's back during the entire game. If Yoshi touches an enemy or spike, Baby Mario gets thrown off of Yoshi, and floats around in a bubble. If Yoshi can't reclaim him before the Countdown Timer reaches zero, Kamek's Toadies snatch Baby Mario away and you'll lose a life. The Countdown Timer resets at 10 seconds for each level, but can be raised to a maximum 30 seconds by collecting Stars and going through "middle rings."

[edit] Features

  • Platform-style adventure game
  • Play as Yoshi, Mario's dinosaur sidekick
  • Go back in time to save baby Mario from Kamek and Baby Bowser
  • Includes classic Mario Bros. arcade game
  • For 1 to 4 players

[edit] Controls

Just Press Y, and the character will be in your mouth, it’s your choice what you want to do with them next, keep them in your mouth long enough and Yoshi will just eat them.

Hold B in the air to hover. This move can be used to travel long distances, and to reach places that you wouldn't be able to with a normal jump.

As long as you have one egg with you, Tap A for the aimer to come up, as soon as you Tap A again the direction Yoshi was facing the Egg will go!

After eating an enemy just push Y again and that enemy will be shot out from your mouth.

While in the air, press down to stomp the ground.

When Yoshi has an enemy in his mouth, tap down to swallow them. Yoshi will receive an egg.

[edit] Pages

[edit] Worlds

[edit] World 0

world 0 is a tutorial level to teach the player the basics

[edit] World 1

world 1 is a flowery grassland Fort Boss: Big Burt Castle Boss: Salvo The Slime

[edit] World 2

world two is a mountain with some haunted qualities Fort Boss: Bigger Boo Castle Boss: Rodger The Potted Ghost

[edit] World 3

world 3 is a jungle Fort Boss: Prince Froggy

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