X-Naut in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
Max HP 4
Attack 3
Defense 0
Location(s) The Great Tree
Keelhaul Key
X-Naut Fortress
Log A foot soldier that uses potions and attacks by ramming. This X-Naut is the lowest of Grodus's underlings.
Items Dizzy Dial, Stopwatch, Fire Flower, Super Shroom
Attacks Ground Pound (3), Tackle (3), Potion (Huge)

The X-Naut enemies are soldiers that work for Grodus and Lord Crump of the Secret Society of the X-Nauts in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. They are weak enemies but will rush in to defend their leaders when necessary. It's not known what they actually look like but they could be Toads or Koopas.

X-Nauts are encountered in The Great Tree as they are searching for the Emerald Star alongside Crump. When Mario faces Crump on Keelhaul Key, X-Nauts come to aid him. On the X-Naut Fortress, Mario can encounter more X-Nauts as well as X-Naut PhD's and Elite X-Nauts. Four X-Nauts are shown with Crump during the ending sequence.

During the beginning of the game, there is a large army of X-Nauts who are ordered to attack Mario but accidentally attack Crump while Mario and Goombella escape. On Keelhaul Key, they arrive on a spiked ship to attack Mario and take the Sapphire Star. They would fight against the Toads and Cortez's Embers, before he eventually calls for them to assist him in the fight against Mario. At Twilight Town, Crump encounters Bowser and Kammy Koopa. He would summon an army of X-Nauts while Bowser summons an army of various members from the Koopa Troop. Crump would throw a Superbombomb at them but find out it was defected as it wouldn't work but Bowser would set it off with his fiery breath, destroying both armies.

According to Super Paper Mario, X-Nauts have been featured in two sci-fi TV Shows: Starship X-Naut and The Grodus Chronicles. There has been many seasons of Starship X-Naut, which is a favorite of Francis.

[edit] Tattle Log

That's an X-Naut. Says here it's classified as an `enemy combatant'. This description stinks... You think it means they're just low-level foot soldiers? Max HP is 4, Attack is 3 and Defense is 0. They drink these potions that make them all big and burly and they attack! One's easy, but if there's two or more, better watch out! Use special moves and items!

[edit] Similar Enemies

  • X-Naut Troopers are the lesser X-Nauts, also the weakest. They are field troops and can use more attacks when summoned by a high-ranking commander.
  • Elite X-Nauts
  • X-Naut PhDs

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