Wuhu Island Loop

Wuhu Island Loop
Wuhu Loop.png
Wuhu Island Loop from Mario Kart 7

Wuhu Island Loop(or Wuhu Loop in North America) is a track that is first seen in Mario Kart 7. It takes place on wuhu island and is the prequel of Wuhu Loop 2. Unlike a couple other courses it has one long lap instead of the regular three. This makes it about as long as a typical three lap course. The track consists of a single lane pavement road that runs around the Wuhu Island. Most of the course runs by the sea except for the end which runs through part of the city. Along the track racers will encounter some vehicles as obstacles and there are also jumps and other things to drive by. The course has three checkpoints in it which constitute as three laps.

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