World 7 (SM3DL)

World 7 (SM3DL)
World 7.jpg
Levels 6
Theme Temple
Boss Boom Boom, Pom Pom
Game Super Mario 3D Land

World 7 is the seventh world in Super Mario 3D Land. It takes place in a purple world with purple fields, flowers and trees in the background. This worlds boss is actually two bosses, Boom Boom and Pom Pom found at the end of the world.


[edit] World 7-1

World 7-1.

Mario starts off on the beach overseeing the Flagpole. On the beach there are a Moneybag, cardboard Warp Pipe and a line of coins that will lead to the big drop to the water below. Making his way down to the bottom, Mario will come across Gold Rings, Brick Blocks, Crates, Question Blocks, and Cheep Cheeps. Mario will have to hit the P-Switch to progress on with the level while carefully crossing the Spike Plants. The next area will see two Porcu-Puffers where he can go up or go to the right to enter the Warp Pipe that leads to a room full of coins. Swimming upwards, he will use the current to the Midway Flag. While avoiding the Spike Eels, Mario will need to swim around the spike eels and a Porcu-Puffer to make it to the Warp Pipe. Once out of the pipe, Mario can jump on the two other Warp Pipes(while avoiding the Piranha Plant) to attempt to grab the top of the Flagpole.

[edit] Star Medals

  • Star Medal 1: At the bottom of the pond behind a set of six crates.
  • Star Medal 2: Behind the second purple eel.
  • Star Medal 3: Near the three eels, in the top right in a big hole that contains a purple eel.

[edit] Enemies

[edit] World 7-2

World 7-2.

Mario ventures into an underground level before having to avoid swinging spike bars before encountering a Chain Chomp. Next, he will need to avoid more swing bars before coming to a Chain Chomp that is chained underneath a Red ! Block that is used for collecting a Star Medal. After collecting the Star Medal, he'll need to avoid more spike bars before reaching a set of stairs that lead to a door. Inside the door, he will reach the Midway Flag before having to cross a pit that has blue/red platforms that will move back and forth with a spike bar that will try to take Mario out. He can also collect a Star Medal on a Donut Lift. He will next encounter two more Chain Chomps before having to avoid a hallway full of swinging spike bars and spikes coming from the ground. At the end of the hallway is a door leading to the Flagpole. Mario can touch the top of the Flagpole with the assistance of the moving platforms.

[edit] Star Medals

  • Star Medal 1: Use the Red ! Block to make blocks appear that lead to the Star Medal.
  • Star Medal 2: After the Midway Flag, it will be on some Donut Lifts near the spike bars.
  • Star Medal 3: After two Chain Chomps and a spike bar, on top of spikes.

[edit] Enemies

[edit] World 7-3

World 7-3.

For Mario to be able to enter the level, he will need to have 70 Star Medals. The level starts off with Mario having a quick look at the start of the level. He'll use the tightrope while avoiding the Para-Biddybuds before climbing more tightropes that have some Venus Fire Traps andFuzzy enemies on them going back and forth. Using the Warp Box, it will take him to another tightrope that has arrow blocks that will lead to a Rainbow Jump Block or he can jump to the next tightrope leading to the Midway Flag. Before using the Warp Box, Mario can use the Binoculars to find four Toads in the air. They will give out two Super Mushrooms to aid Mario before he enters the Warp Box. The Warp Box takes him to tightropes with Fuzzies and Para-Biddybuds. Mario will need to scale to the top while avoiding them before taking him to the Warp Box to the Flagpole.

[edit] Star Medals

  • Star Medal 1: Before the Warp Box, it is part of the line of coins on the right.
  • Star Medal 2: at the end of Coin Heaven.
  • Star Medal 3: After the Warp Box, the Star Medal will be near a line of Fuzzies while Mario is jumping upwards on the tightropes.

[edit] Enemies

[edit] World 7-4

World 7-4.

This level takes place in a clock-like level. Mario will start on a steel grate before jumping onto two gears with a Question Block that will scatter coins around for a small time before they disappear. Mario will jump onto more gears with Bob-ombs before leaping onto a swinging blue platform. It will lead to a pole that will help Mario jump onto more swinging platforms that will give him the option to enter three areas. One to get a power-up, another that leads to that power-up and another that will help continue the level after avoiding some Mega Moles before entering the Warp Box. It leads to the Midway Flag before Mario will use more gears to get to the blue platforms that allow Mario to grab a hold of the Flagpole.

[edit] Star Medals

  • Star Medal 1: Above the first pole.
  • Star Medal 2: Above the Warp Box.
  • Star Medal 3: On the yellow platforms near the Blue Timer.

[edit] Enemies

[edit] World 7-5

World 7-5.

World 7-5 takes place on wooden planks with many Grinder enemies. These Grinders will cut off pieces of the level after Mario gets close to them. He will need to hurry up before the piece falls off and Mario loses a life. There are also big long platforms that Grinders will cut pieces off before the Midway Flag. After the Midway Flag, he will cross a long wooden plank that will be cut by a Grinder again, but it leads to land with two cardboard Goombas. After the land, he will jump onto a large wooden platform that will move in one direction. Grinders will attempt to harm Mario by cutting of pieces of the platform so Mario will need to be careful on which side he's on so he will be able to reach the Flagpole.

[edit] Star Medals

  • Star Medal 1: Mario will need to get to the first Star Medal first before the platform falls because of the Grinder.
  • Star Medal 2: Before the Midway Flag on a platform that will fall away after the Grinder is activated.
  • Star Medal 3: On the left on a long platform that will have pieces of it cut off from the Grinder.

[edit] Enemies

[edit] World 7-Airship

World 7-Airship.

Mario starts off at the start of an Airship. He will have to cross a rotating platform with a Star Medal on it before coming across three Brick Blocks with a power-up in one of them. Next, he will cross circling rolls to the Airship with Flophoppers and Bricks Blocks with a Boomerang Flower in one. Mario will cross more rotating platforms while avoiding Magikoopas that will shoot balls of magic at the plumber. He will also have to avoid some spike bars on the platforms as well. He will arrive on the final airship with two Rocky Wrenches that throw a wrench and Bob-ombs.

Inside the Warp Pipe are the two bosses of the World, Boom Boom and Pom Pom. Both of them will act like they do in past boss fights and take three hits to defeat each of them. The boss fight is a bit more difficult as Mario will need to avoid Boomerangs and Boom Boom swinging at him. Once they are defeated, he can use the Warp Box to go to the airship with the Flagpole on it.

[edit] Star Medals

  • Star Medal 1: Near the start of the level on the roller.
  • Star Medal 2: On the red roller.
  • Star Medal 3: Above the Warp Pipe.

[edit] Enemies

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