Whomp's Fortress

This is for the N64 Version. If you're looking for the DS version, try here!

Whomp's Fortress

Top of the Fortress in Whomp's Fortress.

Boss Whomp King
Star Missions Chip Off Whomp's Block

To the Top of the Fortress
Shoot Into The Wild Blue
Red Coins On The Floating Isle
Fall onto the Caged Island
Blast Away The Wall

Whomp's Fortress is the second level of Super Mario 64]. It is a fortress for the Whomp race and, their leader the Whomp King. You can find the painting on the first floor of Princess Peach's Castle and you need only One Power Star to open the door. The painting is of the fortress it's self. This level introduces Whomp, Thwomp and Piranha Plant to Super Mario 64.

When you first enter the level, you get a Lakitu Bros update on Mario's progress in the game and as well give hints on what Mario should do.


[edit] Levels

[edit] Star 1: Chip Off Whomp's Block

For the first Power Star of Whomp's Fortress, Mario needs to defeat the Whomp King who stands at the top of the fortress. Mario has to sneak by sleeping Piranha Plants who wake up if you run near them. If you defeat a Piranha Plant, it will give you a Blue Coin worth 10 Coins. Mario will also have to get across moving platforms and bridges that fall apart when stepped on. And the one other thing Mario will need to get by are the Whomp. They are not that hard of a challenge, just wait for them to attack you and when they miss, jump on their backs to beat them!

When you get to the top of the fortress, Mario will meet the Whomp King. Whomp King isn't that hard at all. The player needs to make the Whomp King fall over so that Mario can jump on Whomp King's back. Doing this three times will beat Whomp King and give Mario his first Power Star of Whomp's Fortress!

[edit] Star 2: To the Top of the Fortress

As the name of the mission states, Mario needs to get to the top of the fortress where he defeated the Whomp King in the first mission. Except now there is now a tall tower and the Power Star is waiting on top. In this mission, Mario can use the warp that is located near the Thwomp and the Metal Cap. It will transport Mario to the flagpole that is right near the Whomps. Upon getting to the top of the fortress, Mario will be met by a Bill Blaster that will shoot Bullet Bills. Once Mario is at the bottom of the tower, all he has to do is climb up to the top using the platforms and Mario will get his second Power Star of the course!

[edit] Star 3: Shoot Into The Wild Blue

In this level, you are able to open the cannon and use it for future star missions in the level. The cannon also will be of use for you in this one as you need to shoot yourself onto the ledge of the fortress where the flagpole is. Mario needs to land underneath the flagpole where there is four pillars. It is possible to get this star without the cannon but the cannon is recommended. To get the Power Star without the cannon, Mario needs to jump on the wall and then onto the ledge.

[edit] Star 4: Red Coins On The Floating Isle

The Red Coin mission for Whomp's Fortress. You have to collect all 8 Red Coins to get the Power Star. Despite what the mission is called, not all of the red coins are on the floating isle. Only two of them are. Here is where you can find the red coins:

  • One near the moving blocks near the beginning.
  • One on top of the Thwomp on the stairs.
  • One Behind the First Piranha Plant
  • One after the first Piranha Plant and before the second.
  • One on the moving platform.
  • One below the moving platform going down the slope.
  • Two on the Floating Isle

When all 8 are collected, the Power Star will appear on the Star Marker close to the start of the level.

[edit] Star 5: Fall Onto The Caged Island

The next Power Star is located on one of the floating isles and as the name suggests, it is in a Caged Island. There is two options for Mario to get on this caged island. One is by using the cannon and the other is to use Hoot the Owl who will fly you up to the island and Mario can drop down to get the Power Star.

[edit] Star 6: Blast Away The Wall

To get the Last Power Star in Whomp's Fortress you need to blast away the walls near the moving platform. To do this, you will need to use the cannon and blast Mario at the wall edges to get the Power Star.

[edit] 100 Coins

Collecting 100 Coins in Whomp's Fortress is relatively easy to do. There are a total of 141 coins in the course. Here are some hints to collect coins:

  • Collecting All 8 Red Coins.
  • 5 Coins Near the Cannon
  • Blue Block gives you 20 Coins.
  • 8 Coins in the Water.
  • Beating the 3 Piranha Plants will give you Blue Coins.
  • There is a few Coin circles.
  • Defeating a Whomp will give you 5 Coins.

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