Whacka Bump

Whacka Bump
WackasBump SPM.png
Whacka Bump
Game Appearances Paper Mario
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Super Paper Mario
HP Restored 25
FP Restored 25
Damage 0

The Whacka Bump item first appeared in Paper Mario. It has appeared in every Paper Mario game to date and will restore 25 HP and 25 HP. It can be sold from anywhere from 50 coins to 100 coins throughout the series. On the Whacka Catch Card in Super Paper Mario, the Bump is a form of pastry. In Super Paper Mario, the Whacka Bump will heal 30 HP and can cure poison. At the arcade, the Bump can be traded for 300 Flipside Coins. If cooked in Super Paper Mario, it will result in a Roast Whacka Bump that cures 5 HP.

[edit] Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Sale Prices

Toad Bros. Bazaar – 55 coins
Westside Goods – 64 coins
Sales Stall – 100 coins
All other shops – 50 coins

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