Wario Palace

Wario Palace

Wario Palace as it is seen in Mario Superstar Baseball.

Game(s) stadium is in Mario Superstar Baseball
Field Effects Chain Chomps are just outside of either foul line. They charge toward baseballs when awake. Sandstorms will carry balls in a random direction if hit underneath them. Star-shaped sand dunes in the outfield will award Star Points to the batter's team if hit.
Special Minigame played here Chain Chomp Sprint


[edit] Basic Information and Features

Wario Palace is a baseball stadium from Mario Superstar Baseball. It is a desert stadium set just outside of Dark Land, which is where Bowser's stadium is located. As the stadium's name implies, this is the home stadium for Wario in Superstar Baseball. At Wario Palace, there are many features from the land of Wario World. Beyond the center field wall lies a giant Golden Wario Head, almost exactly like the ones found in Wario World. There are also small flags scattered about that have Wario's face on them. The mini-game played in this stadium is Chain Chomp Sprint. Also, when Wario's team is challenged in Challenge Mode, this is where the game takes place. This stadium is replaced by Wario City in Mario Super Sluggers.

[edit] Mario Superstar Baseball

[edit] Appearance

Wario Palace is set in a desert with no real sign of water. This stadium is a batter's delight with the only field effects hindering the fielders and short outfield walls. Final scores of games played here are often quite high with scores like 8-7 in a nine inning game being more common than in other ballparks.

[edit] Field Effects

This stadium is not very friendly to the fielders as all of the field effects seem to help the batter in some way. Near both foul lines, there is a Chain Chomp. While they do sleep most of the time, they will cause havoc if they are ever awake. If a baseball is hit close enough to them, they will chase after it just beyond the foul line, hitting any fielder in the way to render them motionless temporarily. The other major Field Effect is the Sandstorms. If a baseball is hit under one of them, it will whip up a Sandstorm and let the baseball out in a random direction. Finally, while they don't really hinder the fielders that much, there are Star-shaped sand dunes spread about the outfield. If a baseball hits one, then the batter's team gets a Team Star that can be used later for Special Pitches and Swings.

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