Wall Ball

Wall Ball

Wario, Toadsworth, Baby Luigi, and Red Pianta playing a game of Wall Ball.

Game(s) Mini-Game is in Mario Superstar Baseball
Mario Super Sluggers
Objective Score the most points after 3 rounds
Hosting Stadium Peach Garden
Peach Ice Garden

Wall Ball is one of the mini-games found in Mario Superstar Baseball and Mario Super Sluggers. The mini-game is played at Peach's home stadium in both games.(Peach Garden in Superstar Baseball and Peach Ice Garden in Super Sluggers]])


[edit] Rules and Objective

This is a 4-player mini-game that consists of 3 rounds. After everyone selects a character to play as, the players take to the mound at Peach Garden(Peach Ice Garden) in a rotation-style game. During each round, every player will get one turn to try and earn as many points as possible. The order of turns is determined randomly and will not change in-between rounds. The goal is to have your pitch hit the wall with a ♪ symbol on it last while avoiding hitting the Bowser Wall last. This is repeated for 3 rounds and the player with the most points is declared the winner. The game changes slightly in Super Sluggers. Instead of taking turns, there is a pitching mound for each player and a separate group of walls to go with them. While the Bowser Wall is still present, the wall you're aiming to hit last now is a Peach Heart Wall.

[edit] Wall Types

[edit] Mario Superstar Baseball

  • Brick Wall- Hit this type of wall last, and you get 5 points for each wall you break down.
  • ♪ Wall- Hit this type of wall last, and you will get 100 points.
  • Bowser Wall- Hitting this type of wall last results in you losing half of your points. These points are split between the other players.

[edit] Mario Super Sluggers

  • Green Wall- You will receive a small bonus for hitting this type of wall last. However, this bonus will increase greatly if you are the first to hit it when four line-up.
  • Peach Heart Wall- Hit this wall last to receive a big bonus. However, you get nothing if four are lined up.
  • Bowser Wall- Hitting this wall results in the loss of 50 points.

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