Versus Mode (SM64DS)

Through the wireless connection, up to 4 players can compete in 4 battles to earn the most number of stars and coins within 30 seconds, using whatever abilities available to them. There are 5 stars in each stage Players can lose stars if hit, which can then be stolen by other players. All 4 player controlled characters from the main game are also available for use here. All players start off as different colored Yoshis. Player 1 is green, Player 2 is red, Player 3 is blue, and Player 4 is yellow, but Mario, Luigi, and Wario caps can be found in all the stages. Players can also practice this mode alone to learn where all the caps, stars, and coins are. The stages open for play are as follows:

Castle Grounds:

A revised version of the castle grounds in front of the castle. There are a few differences between this version and the one in the main game. Naturally, the doors are barred out, preventing access to the castle, the cannon is locked out, there are no rabbits, a moving platform has been added over to the lake, the 3 1-ups and Switch? from the top of the castle are removed, and a loose Chain Chomp is bouncing around with one of the stars at the end of its chain.

Sunshine Isles:

A revised version of the secret mini-stage course found in the main game in the Rec Room. There are no enemies in this stage, the sky is faced different, and there is a yellow box contains a feather in place of the Green Koopa Shell. Players can use this to fly regardless of character, as opposed to the Mario only restriction in the main game.

Princess's Secret Slide:

A revised version of the secret mini-stage course found in the main game in the Character Selection Room. The blue coin switch has been removed. Stars here are not locked in transparent boxes, and the whole stage works as a race to see who can reach the already present stars first. The only penalty for falling off the stage is being returned to the beginning of the slide.

Battle Fort:

A revised version of the secret mini-stage course found in the main game in the Boo's courtyard. The only hazard that has remained is the black rolling balls, which will cause a player to drop a star if they touch one, but only Wario can break them, like in the main game. The rest of the stage consists of various walkways, a grid, and a pole. This stage also has yellow boxes containing feathers.

Credit goes to Insanity Prevails.

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