Vanish Cap Under the Moat

This is for the N64 Version. If you're looking for the DS version, try here!

Vanish Cap Under the Moat
The entrance of Vanish Cap Under the Moat
Star Missions 8 Red Coins

Vanish Cap Under the Moat is one of the secret courses in Super Mario 64 where Mario can obtain one of his caps. This course will contain the Vanish Cap's ! Switch. In order to gain access to this course, Mario will need to drain the water in the moat. He will need to Ground Pound two pillars in the castles basement. After doing so, Mario will be able to jump into the hole. In Super Mario 64 DS, the area was retitled The Secret Under The Moat and the Blue Switch! was removed and there was a black brick that only Wario can break, so only he can start the course and there was a second star, using Mario's Cap Wario can float into a new area. Step on the star switch and this course has the longest star switch time. Either use the power flower, or wall kick and Yoshi can't enter this level

Upon entering the course, Mario will be on top of a large slide, with several ledges scattered on the slide. Mario will as well be transparent due to wearing the Vanish Cap. It will not have any use on the slide. Once reaching the bottom of the slide, there is a path consisting of various moving and teetering platforms on route to the ! Switch. Mario will also come across several Amps on his way, as well as fire traps. Once hitting the ! Switch, all Blue ! Blocks will become solid and Mario will be able to use the Vanish Cap whenever he hits the block and collects the cap. If you fall from this level, you'll end up in a gaping hole near the waterfall and moat (outside the castle) without losing a life. There's a glitch where the amp spits fire at you and you lose all your health falling off and you drown in the hole near the moat, lose a life, and come fall near the enterance to the castle.

[edit] Star

Like all Cap courses, there is one star to collect which requires the player to collect all 8 Red Coins. The first four are on the slide at the start, while the other four can be found on the way to the ! Switch. The Power Star will appear on the Star Marker located inside the cage next to the ! Switch. In the DS version, Luigi can use the power flower go inside the cage and get the star.

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