Vanish Cap

Vanish Cap
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Appears In: Super Mario 64

This cap can be found in blue blocks in Super Mario 64; It turns Mario into a mist being, allowing him to walk trough wire mesh and makes him invincible, which allows him to get through many obstacles and other things on his journey. The area this appears most in is Big Boo's Haunt.

The same ability that is offered by the Vanish Cap also appears in Super Mario 64 DS, but the Vanish Cap itself is not obtainable. Using Luigi and grabbing a Power Flower will make you invisible, allowing you to do the same things Mario could do when he was invincible in Super Mario 64.

[edit] How to Obtain

There are multiple Stars that require the Vanish Cap in order to get through gates and enemies. If there is a star with this, there will be a ! Block holding the Vanish Cap somewhere in the stage. Mario must hit the block, and a Vanish Cap will pop out. However, this is only if the stage requires a Vanish Cap. Various other things can pop out of the ! Block.

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