Vanilla Lake 2

Vanilla Lake 2 is the fourth course of the Special Cup in Super Mario Kart. The course is slippery, with a huge lake in the middle, taking up most of the course, making the paths very narrow in this course. Driving off the slippery ice and on the snow will slow the player down. As the name implies, the course is a Vanilla-like colour.

[edit] Course Layout

The course immediately turns left, before the course widens, as the first set of ? Panels on the course appear. The course bends left, before blocks appear, which will make it hard to get through, especially in lap 1. But in Lap 2 and after, the ice blocks don't serve much of a problem since most of them had been shattered. The course sharply turns right, as the course narrows. There is two small pieces of ice floating in the lake, and it is possible to hop to the other side with the aid of these ice blocks. The course sharply turns left, as the finish line is right ahead.

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