Twilight Trail

Twilight Trail
Twilight Trail Forest.PNG
Location Twilight Town
Game Appearances Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Twilight Trail is a trail that connects Twilight Town to Creepy Steeple in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. It is a large woodsy trail that is full of bare trees and green grass. Mario is able to venture forth on the purple trail in Chapter 4. He will need to use it several times to try and find the letter P, while also looking for the 4th Crystal Star and defeating [[Doopliss].

For Mario to gain access to the trail, he will need Flurrie to reveal a hidden pipe by using her Blow ability. She will be needed a few more times throughout the trail, so that Mario can progress through it. Mario will come across several enemies and will usually have a harder time trying to avoid them, due to the trail being so narrow. Near the end of the trail, Mario will have to push a large rock in the background, to make the much larger one on the path to move.

Mario can get a Thunder Rage in the first yellow ? Block and a Hammer Throw Badge in the red ? Block.

[edit] Enemies found on Twilight Trail

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