Tubba Bubba

Tubba Blubba
Species Clubba
Role Enemy
First Appearance Paper Mario
Latest Appearance Super Paper Mario


[edit] Background

A monstrous Clubba, and follower of Bowser. He is actually quite sensitive and timid.

[edit] Paper Mario

Tubba Blubba is a Clubba. Lady Bow mentions that Tubba Blubba was scared and bullied over and over by the Boo inhabitants of Boo's Mansion and Gusty Gulch, they had fun scaring him because he was very timid. When Bowser obtained the Star Rod and imprisoned the Star Spirits, he made Tubba Blubba invulnerable by removing his heart from his body, leaving a patch where his heart was. Now, Tubba Blubba cannot be harmed and is not frighted by the boos anymore and he wanted revenge for the Boos tormenting him for years. So what did he do? He devoured all the Boos he came across, and made the Boos scared of him. The Boos tried many attempts to try to somehow surpass Tubba Blubba's defense, but they failed.

Most Boos never returned from Tubba Blubba's Castle, but rarely some did. The ones who did escape learned Tubba Blubba's secret weakness, but soon after they were tracked by Tubba Blubba and devoured before revealing too much. His devouring of Boos even gave him a sinister reputation, even with Bowser's own troops who were beginning to fear him. Tubba Blubba was in charge of guarding the captured Star Spirit Skolar, but he failed in this duty. Skolar somehow manged to escape Tubba Blubba's castle, but only to become lost in Forever Frost and captured by Boos. Lady Bow, who wanted to get rid of Tubba Blubba, made a deal with Mario: If he helps her find Tubba Blubba's weakness (and defeat him and letting her tag along), she would give him the captive Skolar, Mario of course accepted.

After they encountered Tubba Blubba several times in Gusty Gulch and in his castle, Mario discovered Yakkey, a key that talks in Tubba Blubba's bedrooom. Yakkey did not want Mario to take him to the Windy Mill (where Tubba Blubba's weakness was), so he tried to wake his master Tubba Blubba up, who was sleeping nearby, and was successful. After Tubba Blubba destroyed a large portion of his own castle, he began to chase Mario, who escaped his castle. When Mario was rushing through Gusty Gulch to the Windy Mill, several Boos tried to hold Tubba Blubba back to give Mario some time. Goombario theorized that they were more so helping out Lady Bow than they were helping Mario.

After Mario and Lady Bow defeated Tubba Blubba's his heart, and was his one vulnerable part, in the bowels of the Windy Mill, Mario began to chase to the organ when it tried to flee from him. But, before Mario could catch it, Tubba Blubba's heart found its body and allowed itself be swallowed by it, making Tubba Blubba back to normal! Ironically when Tubba Blubba was himself again he became weaker and vulnerable again.

Also Tubba Blubba reveals that he is quite sensitive, and he begins to beg for forgiveness, releasing all the Boos he ate before running away, he also said he didn't want to be invincible if had to fight people like Mario.

During the parade at the end of the game, it seems that the Tubba Blubba and the Boos have became friends. Three Boos are shown to give Tubba Blubba a ride through the air during the parade, while Tubba Blubba's Heart chases after him.

[edit] Super Paper Mario

By the time of Super Paper Mario, it appears that Tubba Blubba had begun a career in television. He is mentioned as being the star of an anime based on him known as The Blubbening; it has run for at least three seasons. The Blubbening involves a princess and robots, and also happens to be a favorite show of Francis.

In Super Paper Mario, Tubba Blubba has begun a career in television. He is mentioned as being the star of an anime based on him, which is called The Blubbening; it ran for three seasons. It involves a princess and robots, and its also one of Francis's favorite shows.

[edit] Statistics

Tubba Blubba
Max HP 10
Attack 4
Defense 0 (unlimited without his heart)
Location(s) Tubba Blubba's Castle

Gusty Gulch

Move(s) Mega Punch (4)

Body Slam (6)

[edit] Other Information

  • Tubba Blubba's name is based off the line "tub of blubber", which is indicating he is fat.
  • It is never revealed whenever or not Tubba Blubba's heart was alive all along, or it was all the Star Rods doing.
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