Toads Factory

Toad's Factory

Toad's Factory Overview

[edit] Overview

Toads Factory is the final stage in Mario Kart Wii's Mushroom Cup. This stage can be a little dangerous if you are not careful. But when you play it a couple time it isn't a problem. This stage has MANY hazards including getting crushed, going very slow, losing your speed, going into off-road terrain, and falling of the edge of the stage. But if you want to go fast, go on the conveyor belts that have GREEN arrows on them. Then you will go really fast. But if you go on the red conveyor belts, you will go VERY slow.

[edit] Shortcuts

Requirements: One Mushroom.
Only one is available, and it is very difficult. Upon exiting the factory and going off the large jump, you'll see several hills in front of you. Position yourself so you're looking at the water on the right, and by using the mushroom, completely jump over the small lake. Remember, practice makes perfect for a shortcut of this difficulty.

[edit] Trick

The trick to this course is mastering use of the various conveyor belts peppered throughout the factory. Traveling on the forward pointing ones will provide an increase in your revs, just note how they change directions from lap to lap. Be careful to avoid the crates and stomping machines of course, then follow a zigzag motion on the home straight in order to hit all three speed pads in quick succession and you should make it through with the gold. Alternatively, a triple Mushroom boost down this muddy centre will work even better.

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