Toad and Go Seek

Toad and Go Seek
Toad and Go Seek.png
Toad and Go Seek from Mario Party 9

Toad and Go Seek is a Free for All mini-game in Mario Party 9. The main goal of the game as the title implies is to find Toad. There are several Toad House's of various color scattered about a green lawn which serve and hiding places for Toad. Players will see Toad enter one of the houses and will then have to find the right house after the game starts. Some houses are easier to locate than others and players can use the landscape as a guide to the correct house. There are several houses for Toad to potentially hide in. The first player who finds Toad will be awarded first place.

[edit] Controls

Players hold the Wii remote sideways, use the control pad to move, and press the 2 button to knock on a Toad house door.

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