Toad Road

Toad Road
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Overview of Toad Road board map

Game board is in Mario Party 9
Difficulty Level Easy

Toad Road is one of the seven boards that make an appearance in Mario Party 9. It is meant to be the beginning stage for new players as it is one of the easiest boards to play on. The mini-boss for the board at the fortress is the Lakitu and when the players reach the end of the board, they will take on Wiggler in a forest.

Players start the board in front of a path that will take the players pass a windmill, river, and up two short mountains. When they reach the top of the first mountain, they will have to fight the mid-boss(Lakitu in solo) at the fortress. Once the mid-boss has been defeated, there will be a large gap between the mountains and all four players will have to try and roll dices to reach 16(last player gets to roll a 1-10 Dice Block. If they don't get 16, they will fall below and have to venture through Mini Ztar Spaces. If they reach 16, they will successfully jump the gap and go through Mini Star Spaces. After the mountains, they will cross through a plain before they reach a forest with the Bowser Gate at the end where the players will face off against the stage boss(Wiggler in solo). When the players land on the Lucky Space, the captain will climb the beanstalk where they will receive two Mini Stars per space.

Players will ride in a car throughout this board. They can use the Toad Mobile from the start of the game though the Rickety Ride and Wiggler Wagon can be purchased at the Museum for 200 Party Points.


[edit] 9 Island

The Captain Event would take place on the island shaped like a 9. Players will be launched to this island with the cannon. The captain will determine who will roll first for this event as each player will roll a regular Dice Block as they traverse forward on this island as they try to collect the Mini Stars on this island. At the end, there will be ten Mini Stars. The event only ends when the players either reach the end of the island, or everyone has rolled a dice block.

[edit] Solo Mode

During the Solo Mode of this board, the player will sometimes face off against Kamek or Shy Guy alone. Or they will sometimes play against two players, usually one that will be playing for Bowser to win. If Shy Guy or Kamek are on the board, they will have to be defeated for the player to advance to Bob-omb Factory.

[edit] Lakitu Boss Battle

Called Sock It To Lakitu, the players will be on a grassy platform as they take on Lakitu who will hover in front of the platform of this minigame. During the minigame, Lakitu will toss Spinies on to the platform as he will try to make the players lose points when they touch a Spiny. In order to hit Lakitu, the players will have to hit the blocks that will show pictures of a Bill Blaster. The Bill Blaster will shoot a Bullet Bill at Lakitu to give the player points. If the player hits the block that shows two or three Bullet Bills, the player can deal 2 points or 3 points of damage. When Lakitu is at half health, he will start throwing a giant Spiny that will cause the player to lose two points if they hit it.

[edit] Wiggler Boss Battle

The Wiggler boss battle will take place in a minigame called Wiggler Bounce. Players will be taken to a forest area that is surrounded by trees. The Wiggler will come out from any place and players will have to Ground Pound on the Wiggler's segments to collect points. If they hit the purple spots, they will get one point but if the red spots are hit, then the player will get three points. When at half health, Wiggler will turn red and move much quicker as the players try to hit it while avoiding the Piranha Plants. If the Piranha Plants hit a player, they will take off a point.

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