Tick Tock Clock

This is for the N64 Version. If you're looking for the DS version, try here!

Tick Tock Clock
Mario in front of a Thwomp in Tick Tock Clock.
Star Missions Roll Into the Cage
The Pit and the Pendulums
Get a Hand
Stomp On the Thwomp
Timed Jumps on Moving Bars
Stop Time For Red Coins

Tick Tock Clock is the fourteenth course in Super Mario 64. The course will take place in a giant clock and Mario will need to get past the moving gears, pendulums, and other objects that are found inside of this course. This is the second to last course in the game and is located on the third floor of Princess Peach's Castle after Mario collects 50 Power Stars and opens the last Star Door.

The entrance to the course is an old grandfather clock. On the clock, the minute hand controls the time inside of the course. Depending on when Mario jumps into the clock, it will have a result on what happens in the course. If Mario enters when the hand is pointing at the 12, all of the moving objects will freeze. If he enters between 12 and 6, things will move slowly. Entering at 6, will result in random speeds and directions.


[edit] Star Missions

[edit] Star 1: Roll Into the Cage

For the first Power Star, Mario will need to head past the first pendulum, over the conveyor belt and pass the shifting blocks. Once past that, Mario will have to pass by a large plane that has a moving hand passing by. Mario should see the star after this near a conveyor belt, located underneath a cage. He cannot obtain the star just yet, he will have to go to the top of the course and obtain the Vanish Cap. He will be able to drop down the mesh floor into the cage and grab the Power Star.

[edit] Star 2: The Pit and the Pendulums

Following the same path as Roll Into the Cage, Mario will need to go past the actual cage and reach the top of the pole. He will need to turn left and come to a place containing two pendulums. Navigating through this, he will see the Power Star. This star will be easier to collect if Mario enters with the hand is on the "12". This will make the pendulums freeze.

[edit] Star 3: Get a Hand

All the pendulums and over objects should be moving for this mission. So Mario should not jump into the clock when the hand is on the "12".

Mario will need to make his way up to where the large hand is and wait for it to pass by. Mario will have to jump on the hand and ride it until it brings him to an alcove with the Third Power Star located in it.

Another method for getting this Star, is to get inside of the cage where the first Power Star is and jump off, slide down and Mario will drop into the alcove.

[edit] Star 4: Stomp On the Thwomp

Mario will need to find the flagpole near the top of the course to collect this Power Star. Once he has climbed it, he will need to head left and follow his way up around the clock. He will meet another clock hand and riding it will take him to a conveyor belt with a Thwomp at the end. Jumping on the Thwomp, it will take Mario to the next star which is above the Thwomp.

[edit] Star 5: Timed Jumps on Moving Bars

Mario will need to go to the right(above the 2nd star of the level) and jump on a few bars that will jump out and the sink back into the wall. Mario will need to time this right to get onto the platform containing the Power Star.

[edit] Star 6: Stop Time For Red Coins

Before entering the level, Mario will need to stop time in the course. To do so, he will need to jump into the clock as the hand touches the "12". From where Mario first comes in, he should turn to the right where he can see several bars with a bunch of Red Coins on them. Making his way up these bars, Mario will be able to collect all 8 Red Coins. When he has collected all of them, the Star will appear above the Star Marker.

[edit] Collecting 100 Coins

There are a total of 128 coins in Tick Tock Clock. Here are some hints to collect coins:

[edit] Enemies

Enemies found in Tick Tock Clock:

[edit] Appearance in Mario Kart DS

Tick Tock Clock stock art

Tick Tock Clock makes an appearance in the racing game Mario Kart DS. The track is modeled after the course in Super Mario 64. At the start of the track, the racers will race around the first clock, where they will be able to take a speed boost by running over Dash Panels. Past the clock, there is a ticking pendulum, that can knock the drivers off the track if they collide with it. Rotating gears can be seen throughout the track. There is a second clock, that is smaller than the first and has Item Boxes going around it. Gears in this course will change direction every 45 seconds. Missions 6-7 and 7-3, take place on this track.

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