Thirsty Gulch

Thirsty Gulch

Overview of Thirsty Gulch board map

Game board is in Mario Party 6
Difficulty Level Easy
Happening Space Effect Slab will fall, sending the player to a lower section of the board.
Availability Available in Solo Mode only.

Thirsty Gulch is one of 3 Solo Mode maps in Mario Party 6. It is set on a desert mesa above a canyon. 2vs.2 Spaces are dominant on this board as your goal is to collect as many coins and mini-games before reaching the end of the board. Landing on a Happening Space will cause the slab underneath the player to crumble and force the player down to a lower level on the board. If you go past the final space, the cliff will collapse under you and you'll lose everything as a river takes you back to start. If you land on the final space, you get tons of extra coins along with a rare mini-game.

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