The Great Tree

The Great Tree
The Great Tree.
Location Boggly Woods
Ruler Puni Elder
Inhabitants Punis, Piders and Jabbies
Location(s) The Great Tree, X-Naut Fortress
First Appearance Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

The Great Tree is a giant tree that is found in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. It is found in Boggly Woods and is home to the Puni Tribe. It was hollowed out by the Goomba Hero after the defeat of the Shadow Queen. There is a secret entrance that Mario must go through to gain access to the inside since the main entrance has been locked from the entrance. However, the secret entrance is far from being a secret entrance, as it is labeled "Secret Entrance" and is surrounded by flashing lights.

The Emerald Star can be found inside the tree. As well, Lord Crump and his X-Naut troops invade the tree in search of the Star and even team up with the Jabbies, and imprison the Punies. Punio enlists the help of Mario to liberate the Punis and take down the Jabbies so that they can obtain the Emerald Star. Mario will also obtain the Super Boots while they are inside.

When Mario finds the Emerald Star, Crump ends up stealing it and actives a 5-minute self-destruct mechanism. Before long Mario and the Punies corner Crump and demand him to surround the Crystal Star and leave the tree forever. Instead of surrendering, he deactivates the detonator and summons his robot, Magnus Von Grapple and attacks. After defeating Crump, Mario is awarded the Emerald Star.

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