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Comment or just talk about the wiki here. Feel free to ask any questions -KunaiSheik-

You guys didn't add the movie looking from that list. (The Super Mario Bros.), I would add it myself but I'll let who ever wants to do it, do it. --NS--

Just added a little mushroomy thing to the main page for every Mario game we have, I personally think it looks pretty neat, but if others don't like then change/delete if needed.

Carlyon. x

They look pretty cool, but I think you could add a color scheme to the Main Page to make it better. -KunaiSheik-

I transferred all of the information from the background pages in the Neoportal to their pages.

Rune Ripper.

I'm seeing that all the character profiles have the MKWii photo for the main image. Any reason why that is? -Twilight

Oops I wrote on my own talk page lol. But yeah, how do you guys like the new theme? It could use some touching up, but yeah.