TOAD In The Box

TOAD in the Box
TOAD In The Box.jpg
Princess Peach, Yoshi, Mario, and Luigi playing TOAD in the Box.
World Four
Levels One
Players Four
Time Limit No Time Limit
Type 4 Player
Controls Buttons + Analog

TOAD in The Box 4-player mini-game featured in mini-games in Mario Party 2 for the Nintendo 64 and Nintendo Wii. For this mini-game, the players don't have a time limit to work with but have get a Toad face by hitting the spinning blocks. Each time a player gets a Toad face on the block, it will spin a little bit faster. The floor that they stand on, will also rise one level each time they hit a Toad block. If a player gets a face of an enemy, they will get stunned temporarily for a few short seconds before they are able to hit the block once more. The player who gets five Toad faces first, will win the mini-game!

The spinning block will also show faces of a Piranha Plant(bashes the player once), a Chomp(hits the player twice), and Bowser)Baby Bowser will come down and flatten the player).

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