Tec face.PNG
Debut Appearance Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Species Computer
Affiliation Secret Society of X-Nauts (formerly), Princess Peach, Mario

TEC-XX or TEC, is the main computer for the X-Naut Fortress in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. He is considered to be designed as "flawless and perfect" though events in the game reveal that he is able to feel love and ends up revolting against his X-Naut allies to help Princess Peach and Mario.

He is usually seen when the player controls Peach for her segment after Mario and partners have completed a chapter. TEC starts to have a crush on the princess due to a strange glitch even though he does not understand love and is annoyed by this. Peach would be one of his only companions and the only one who could teach him about love, and in exchange, he would allow her to email anyone (she would use this to email Mario, who was armed with the Mailbox SP). TEC would occasionally ask her to go undercover and retrieve secret information from his Grodus, for he wished to know what plans Grodus had planned out for Mario and his partners.

At the end of Chapter 6, he seems to have an understanding of Grodus's plans and is about to reveal them to Peach when Grodus himself (who finds out about TEC's betrayal in Chapter 5) bursts into the room. Both Peach and TEC are extremely surprised by Grodus, who declares TEC as a traitor and orders two of his X-Nauts to press the red buttons on TEC's side at the same time, to permanently shut him down. The X-Nauts would succeed and Peach is taken off to unknown parts. Before TEC has shut down he produces a long line of letters that are separated by dots(to indicate a pause), which spell out "I love you" before he goes offline permanently.

TEC's last scene would come when Mario is trying to escape from the X-Naut Fortress after he has defeated Magnus von Grapple 2.0 and collected the final Crystal Star. He would lock all the doors except the one that leads to his chamber and tell them gang that he was running on backup power, and cached memory, and doing what he can to survived. After TEC had explained a few things to Mario, he would tell him of Grodus taking Peach to the Palace of Shadow and that he needs to go and save Peach and to tell her "thank you" on his behalf. In order for Mario to escape the fortress, he would need to send all of the AI energy programmed to himself to the teleporter room and "cease to exist as an artificial consciousness". But he was willing to pay the price to rescue Peach, and shut down after he speech as an unknown voice reported "TEC system failure". His final words would be "Peach... Goodbye...", before an explosion englufs the Moon and he's presumed to be destroyed. But at the end of the game, he is rebooted and the X-Naut Fortress is working again, even though its deserted.

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