Switch Scramble Circus

Switch Scramble Circus
World 1-5 Switch Scramble Circus.png

World World 1
Appearance Super Mario 3D World
Previous Course Mount Beanpole
Next Course Bowser's Highway Showdown

Switch Scramble Circus or World 1-5 is the fifth course of World 1 in Super Mario 3D World. The course has players making their way through a circus. There are sections where you're not able to pass, unless you hit all of the Flipswitches in that particular area. The common enemies of this course are the Magikoopa and the Biddybud, the latter who first appeared in Super Mario 3D Land. Completing this course will open up a path to World 1-Castle, Bowser's Highway Showdown.

[edit] Green Stars Location

  • Green Star 1: When you reach the first orange Warp Box, before heading inside, wall jump the shaft on either side to reach the first Green Star on the platform on top.
  • Green Star 2: After the checkpoint, use the spring platforms to reach a purple Mystery Box on the left. You'll be put into a challenge room with many wooden crates. Open the box on the top left to reveal the second Green Star.
  • Green Star 3: You'll find the final Green Star above a bottomless pit. Simply use the moving Flipswitches to reach it.

[edit] Stamp Location

At the end of the course, near the flagpole, the stamp is located on the topmost platform. The best way to reach the platform is to use the Cat Mario.

[edit] Enemies

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