Sweet Dream

Sweet Dream

Overview of Sweet Dream board map as it appears in Story Mode

Game board is in Mario Party 5
Star Space type Normal
Happening Space Effect Varied
Availability Available at the start

Sweet Dream is one of the 7 playable board maps in Mario Party 5. This board was created from dreams of deserts and it is set on a gigantic picnic mat. Players have to cross many cakes and candy to reach Star spaces. The Happening Space next on certain pieces of cake would cause a knife to suddenly appear and cut the slice the player was on, taking him/her to a plate on the bottom of the board. The Happening Space next to the piece of cake at the far bottom-right corner of the board would trigger a coin mini-game. The player had to throw candy balls in cups on the cake to earn coins. The more cups were filled, the more coins the player would be rewarded with. The Happening Space at the top of the board would cause the other 3 players to come and throw a party for the player that landed on the Happening Space. Then, a roulette wheel would determine what the others would give the player who landed on the Happening Space. It would be either capsules, coins, or even stars. There are also some shortbread bridges scattered about the board. Once a player crosses it, it will reform in a different direction. This is similar to the bridge effect from Bowser's Gnarly Party in Mario Party 4. The only difference is that the bridges from Bowser's Gnarly Party would take 3 crossings to reform compared to just one crossing here on Sweet Dream.

[edit] Story Mode

In Story Mode, Bowser and Koopa Kid came here to replace Sweet Dream with their own evil dreams. The player(playing as a playable character from Mario Party 4) came to stop them. Bowser had Koopa Kid split in 3(Red, Blue, and Green) to try and overwhelm the player. Upon defeating the 3 Koopa Kids, Bowser and the original Koopa Kid would flee to try and ruin another dream. The battle took place on a much smaller version of Sweet Dream.(pictured in the infobox)

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