Species Cheep-Cheep
Role Sidekick, Playable character
Relations Cheep-Cheep
First Appearance Paper Mario
Latest Appearance Super Paper Mario (as a Catch Card/picture)


[edit] Background

Sushie is Mario's seventh party member in Paper Mario. She is the babysitter of the Yoshi children in Yoshi Village

[edit] Sushie's Uses

  • When Mario reaches a dock, you can ride on Sushie's back in the water or even dive underneath the water if you want.

[edit] Attacks

Attack Flower Points Needed Effect To Attack Move Ranks
Belly Flop None Hop on one enemy. Hold the Control Stick to the left until the red star lights up. Initial
Squirt 3 Shoots water at one enemy. Press and release A alternately to fill the gauge, but don't let it overflow! Initial
Water Block 3 Boosts Mario's defense. Press A as the red stars light up. Super Rank
Tidal Wave 6 Launches water attacks against all enemies Press A, B and C-Down as shown on the screen. Ultra Rank

[edit] Other Information

  • The Yoshi children say that she is bossy.

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