Super Princess Peach

Super Princess Peach
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Box Art

Developer TOSE
Publisher Nintendo
Platform Nintendo DS
Release Date(s) JP October 20, 2005

NA February 27, 2006
AU March 30, 2006
EU May 26, 2006

Genre Platform game
Rating 3+


[edit] Storyline

Vibe Island (a land adjacent to the Mushroom Kingdom) has been rumored to hold hidden powers. Bowser builds his summer villa there in hopes of harnessing the rumored power. His efforts are rewarded when one of his underlings finds the Vibe Scepter. He sends a Goomba and an army of Hammer Brothers to Princess Peach's castle to capture Mario. The Vibe Scepter changes the emotions of those around them - they will become calm, happy, angry, or sad. While all of the Toad servants are distracted, the Hammer Brothers seize Mario, Luigi, and Toad. Shortly after the capture, Princess Peach and Toadsworth come back to the castle to find a message saying that Mario has been captured. Peach wants to go out there immediately. Toadsworth tries to convince her not to, but when he sees that she is determined to go, he gives her Perry, a talking umbrella that has magical powers. In the game, Peach and Perry battle through seven stages (Ladida Plains, Hoo's Wood, Shriek Mansion, Fury Volcano, Wavy Beach, Gleam Glacier, and Giddy Sky), rescuing Toads along the way, before saving Luigi from the evil wizard Kamek and proceeding on to Bowser's Villa. Meanwhile, Perry's origins are revealed through in-game flashback sequences. Perry remembers his origins as a young boy who had mysterious powers and was adopted by an old man he came to call "Grandpa". He was changed into an umbrella and kidnapped by a wizard and his henchman, but managed to secretly escape by wiggling free from his captors and falling on the road. Some time later, a traveling merchant found him and sold him to Toadsworth. Peach and Perry confront Bowser, who uses the Vibe Scepter to grow enormously. Bowser is still defeated by the princess and Mario is saved.

[edit] Gameplay

On the upper left hand side of the screen, there are two bars. They are the heart guage and emotion meter. If Peach falls down a hole or gets hit by an enemy, she will lose half a heart. When all hearts are gone, she (well you) will have to start over from the beginning of the level. Peach has infinite lives, so you can continue as much as you want. The emotion meter responds to the four powers she has. The DS touch screen displays the four moods. They are joy, gloom, rage and calm. When you tap on a mood, it will activate a different ability. Those abilities can help you solve problems and defeat enemies. But there is a downside. It reduces your emotion meter. The bar can be gained back by capturing the blue turquoise jewels. Some abilities are: --- Calm --- Gloom --- Rage --- Joy With Perry, Princess Peach has many abilities. If you just stomp on the enemies, you did not defeat them yet. You must use the umbrella to whack them off. You can either press "B" to quickly sweep them aside or "Y" to put them on top of the umbrella. As you go throughout the game, Perry gains new abilities. The Subrella you obtain in the game allows Peach to travel underwater. You blow into the mic to blow bubbles to defeat the enemies you see. The Slidebrella you obtain turns Perry upside down and uses his handle like a hook. The Bowlbrella you obtain puts Peach in the umbrella and allows her to go through surface water. The game has a shop where you can buy things. The currency is coins. You can buy upgrades to expand your heart gauge or the emotion meter, along with three new abilities. The Floatbrella allows Peach to stay in the air for about five seconds. The Poundbrella pounds the ground and stuns any enemy close to you. The Chargebrella makes a small charge that will stun the closest enemy. The game's levels play like any normal platformer. There are eight worlds. In each world, there are six levels and one boss battle. For every boss you encounter requires a short minigame to play.

[edit] Controls

• Control Pad down - Squat Down
• Control Pad left or right - Run
• A Button - Jump
• B or Y Button - Attack, Break Blocks, Throw Items.
• X Button - Pick up or Put down items
• Hold the L or R button - Peach will walk slowly
• Start Button - Brings up the Pause Menu

[edit] Mini-Games

Toad Jump - the player blows into a microphone to make Toad jump and avoid running into enemies or falling down.

Toad Tote - involves the player to using the stylus to navigate Toad through a maze of fire.

Toad Shot - requires the player to tap the screen to defeat enemies. The first seven levels for each game are buyable at the shop, but the last three levels are hidden in the levels.

Puzzles - Eight puzzles are also featured. A few of the pieces are buyable at the shop, but most of them are hidden throughout the worlds. After the pieces are found, it becomes a mini-game. The player uses the touchscreen to rotate and piece together the puzzle. The game records and displays the fastest time.

[edit] Enemies

Goomba - a walking brown mushroom

Mad Goomba - a Goomba that is reddish brown with a big frown

Sad Goomba - a blue Goomba with some speed

Paragoomba - a flying Goomba

Sad Paragoomba - a blue flying, crying Goomba

Red Paragoomba - a reddish brown flying Goomba

Mad Red Paragoomba - a Red Paragoomba that is freaking out and mad

Green Koopa - a turtle with a green shell

Mad Green Koopa - a reddish Koopa with a scowl and steam

Red Koopa - a turtle with a red shell

Glad Red Koopa - a bouncing Red Koopa with a big smile

Paratroopa - a flying Green Koopa

Mad Green Paratroopa - a flying Mad Green Koopa

Red Paratroopa - a flying Red Koopa

Glad Red Paratroopa - a flying Glad Red Koopa

Lakitu - a weirdo in a cloud that throws stuff at you

Calm Lakitu - a sleeping Lakitu

Spiny - a turtle-like thing with spikes on its shell

Sad Spiny - a Spiny streaming tears and moving fast

Mecha-Spike Top - looks like a Spiny, but with only one spike

Mad Mecha-Spike Top - a Mecha-Spike Top that shoots steam

Hammer Bro - a Koopa with a helmet thats throws hammers

Calm Hammer Bro - a sleeping Hammer Bro

Amazing Flying Hammer Bro - a Hammer Bro that rides on a flying block

Calm Amazing Flying Hammer Bro - same as amazing flying hammer bro, but asleep

Spike - a goofy looking fat green duck-thing thats spits at you

Mad Spike - a Spike that jumps and spouts steam

Piranha Plant - a big ole red man-eating flower

Glad Piranha Plant - a Piranha Plant that grins and jumps

Nipper Plant - little white Pac-Man plants

Sad Nipper Plant - Nipper plants that stream tears

Ptooie - a green smallish Piranha Plant that blows a spiked ball

Glad Ptooie - a Ptooie that is red, spins, and dances

Volcano Plant - a non-moving plant that spits little lava balls

Calm Volcano Plant - a sleeping Volcano Plant

Pokey - a brown moving cactus

Mad Pokey - a red angry Pokey that shoots up

Cheep Cheep - red fish that jump out of the water

Sad Cheep Cheep - a Cheep Cheep that cries and jumps higher

Blurp - a green fish only found underwater

Mad Blurp - a Blurp moving fast and shooting steam

Blooper - a white squid

Glad Blooper - a Blooper that bounces happily around

Urchin - a spiny underwater blue creature

Boo - a little ghost

Mad Boo - a Boo that scowls and vibrates

Big Boo - a giant ghost

Mad Big Boo - a really mad giant ghost

Dry Bones - a skeleton Koopa

Sad Dry Bones - a crying Dry Bones that throws bones

Fishing Boo - a ghost of a Lakitu which fishes from a cloud

Calm Fishing Boo - a sleeping Fishing Boo

Podoboo - a fireball which jumps from lava

Lil' Sparky - a spark that encircles blocks

Hothead - a giant version of Lil' Sparky

Thwomp - a block with spikes that smashes down from above

Torpedo Ted - a black torpedo

Glad Torpedo Ted - a tan torpedo that moves around

Bullet Bill - a black bullet

Mad Bullet Bill - a reddish black bullet that's fast

Banzai Bill - a giant Bullet Bill

Mad Banzai Bill - a giant Mad Bullet Bill

Cannon - a walking cannon that shoots cannonballs

Calm Cannon - a sleeping Cannon

Bob-omb - a walking bomb

Glad Bob-omb - a bluish Bob-omb with happy eyes

Parabomb - a Bob-omb with a parachute

Glad Parabomb - a Glad Bob-omb with a parachute

Chain Chomp - a black Pac-Man with teeth tied to a chain

Calm Chain Chomp - a sleeping Chain Chomp

Big Chain Chomp - a giant Chain Chomp (but no chain)

Fang - a blue bat

Glad Fang - a bouncy blue bat with happy eyes

Raven - a small black "bird"

Sad Raven - a blue Raven that's crying

Rex - a little blue dinosaur

Sad Rex - a crying Rex

Walruss - a giant white walrus

Starfish - a smiling star with shades

Boss Piranha Plant - a giant boss

Piranha Plant Hoo - a giant owl

King Boo - a giant Big Boo with a crown

Wiggler - a giant segmented worm

Gooper Blooper - a giant Blooper

Blizzaurus - a giant blue dragon

Giant Kamek - a giant witch

Army Hammer Bro - angry Hammer Bro with black armor

Bowser - yes, him

Bowser 2 - Bowser, but bigger.

[edit] Voices

Peach - Jen Taylor
Toad - Jen Taylor
Mario - Charles Martinet
Luigi - Charles Martinet
Bowser - Scott Burns

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