Super Mario Sunshine

Super Mario Sunshine
Super Mario Sunshine.jpg
Genre Platform
Developer(s) Nintendo EAD
Publisher Nintendo
Platform Nintendo GameCube
Release Date(s) July 19, 02 [Japan]
Aug 26, 02 [North America]
Oct 4, 02 [PAL]
Composer(s) Koji Kondo
Shinobu Tanaka
Designer(s) Yoshiaki Koizumi
Shigeru Miyamoto
Takashi Tezuka


[edit] Storyline

Toads have come to Isle Delfino to relax and unwind. At least, that's their plan... but when they arrive, they find things have gone horribly wrong... According to the island inhabitants, the person responsible for the mess has a round nose, a thick moustache, and a cap... What? But... that sounds like Mario!? The islanders are saying that Mario's mess has polluted the island and caused their energy source, the Shine Sprites, to vanish. Now the falsely accused Mario has promised to clean up the island, but... how? Never fear! FLUDD, the latest invention from Gadd Science, Inc., can help Mario tidy up the island, take on baddies, and lend a nozzle in all kinds of sticky situations. Can Mario clean the island, capture the villain, and clear his good name? It's time for another Mario adventure to get started!

[edit] Background

Seeking well-deserved rest and relaxation, Mario and Princess Peach travel to a beautiful remote island. It is said the local citizens are friendly and the weather forecast suggests year-round sunshine. However, when they get to the island, they quickly find out that the peaceful paradise has been polluted by a mysterious stranger. Worse still, the individual bears a striking resemblance to Mario! Determined to clear his reputation and clean up the island, Mario sets off on his greatest adventure yet.

[edit] Features

Play through many levels and quests as you attempt to completely rid Isle Delfino of the Dark Mario Menace. Scale soaring cliffs, wall-jump up perilous passageways and even tiptoe along tightropes as you tour the island, Mario-style! Yoshis have returned! In Super Mario Sunshine, Mario can feed Yoshis fruit and they'll assist him on his quest! Mario's new multipurpose water pack, FLUDD, let's him spray goop away and hover over danger. It even has Rocket and Turbo nozzles! Armed with FLUDD, Mario will battle all sorts of big, bad bosses, including goop-spewing Piranha Plants!

[edit] Controls

Here are the controls for just Mario:
Control Stick- Move Mario
C Stick - Move camera
A button - Jump
B button - Talk / Pick up object / Dive
Y button - First Person View X button - Switch FLUDD Nozzles
L button - Center camera view to behind Mario
R button - Use FLUDD pack Z button - Access Guidebook

Here are the controls for when riding Yoshi:
Control Stick - Move Mario and Yoshi
C Stick - Move camera
A button - Jump
B button - Eat objects, fruit and enemies
Y button - First Person View
X button - Dismount
L button - Center camera view to behind Mario R button - Spit juice Z button - Access Guidebook

[edit] Modes

There are two different modes. The first, you get to select a file to play on, the other is the sound and controller configuration.

[edit] Enemies

Some of these animals are weak, but some can be powerful, so watch out!

Bird: Squirt this for extra lives and coins, this annoying creature continuously drops "goo" on you.

  • Blue birds drop blue coins when squirted.
  • Yellow birds drop ordinary coins when squirted.

Blue Spider: Spray one with water, then, jump on it to spring high into the air.
Bullet Bill: These are bullets. There are ordinary ones that just hit the ground and explode, but ones with red on the front follow you. Spray them with water to blow them up.
Chain Chomplet: These are miniature Chain Chomps. They have a fever, so they're burning hot to touch. Spray them enough to get rid of their fever.
Chuhana: This is the red Cataquack, the one that, when it throws you, also hurts you. Water stuns it, but eating it as Yoshi or flinging it into the air with the help of a Dune Bud can kill it.
Dango Flower: It can smack the ground, though, making it easier to jump on and kill. You can earn more coins, though, if you jump on it when it's upright.
Denki Nokonoko: These are also called electro Koopas. The blue ones can throw their shell and electrocute you. Spraying it with water or jumping on it while its shell is off will kill it. With the red ones, hit the opposite side of the screen they're on to kill them.
Doro Kuri: These mean, green flying things steal Mario's hat, making him lose health.
Bloopers: These are squid that can shoot ink. Jump on them to kill them.
Goro: Sometimes these are found rolling down hills. Watch out because they can roll over you.
Gust: These annoying creatures tend to blow you off of a cliff, Yoshis can eat them however.
Neji Bomb: These bombs blow up after a few seconds of walking around. Spray it to turn it blue so you can safely pick it up and throw it.
Paihana: This is the blue Cataquack. It can throw you into the air, but it won't hurt you.
Tamanoko: These are only in one episode of Pinna Park. They look like giant Yoshi eggs at first. Spray them with water until they get up, then, have it try to jump on you, but land in the sand so it gets stuck on its back. Then, ground pound it to kill it.
Cheep Cheep: Cheep Cheeps pull Mario under water in an attempt to rid him of all his health.
Wire Trap: These things are found on tight ropes, jump over them to be saved the health.
Yellow Spider: Usually, these yellow spiders can be killed by hitting the other side of the screen they are on. You can get blue coins from them.

[edit] Voice Cast

[edit] Levels

There are eight levels in the game, not counting Delfino Plaza and Delfino Airstrip. Each level, except for Corona Mountain, has eight episodes, 11 stars, and 30 blue coins.

  1. Bianco Hills
  2. Ricco Harbor
  3. Gelato Beach
  4. Pinna Park
  5. Sirena Beach
  6. Noki Bay
  7. Pianta Village
  8. Corona Mountain

[edit] Bosses

There are a total of ten bosses in Super Mario Sunshine, with one of them being fought twice one being fought three times, and one being fought in every level except Corona Mountain. This makes a total of eighteen boss fights.

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