Super Mario Strikers

Super Mario Strikers

The North American box art

Developer Next Level Games
Publisher Nintendo
Platform GameCube
Release Dates Europe: November 05

North America: Dec 5, 05
Japan: Jan 19, 06
Australia: Mar 27, 06

Genre Sport
Rating (E) Everyone


[edit] Introduction

Super Mario Strikers is one of Mario's first sports game, and his first Soccer Game. In Super Mario Strikers, you play as any one of a few related Mario characters, in a game of soccer. But, theres a catch. Its Mario style, with power ups, items and all other sorts of things. Not only that, but your kicks can be timed to be super powerful; unlike in real life. It is also the first Soccer Game that Mario has appeared in.

[edit] Features

  1. Electric Fence: In every stadium, there's an electric fence that surrounds the playing field (as a result, there are no throw-ins), shocking anyone who is slammed into it.
  2. Power Ups: There are many power ups (à la Mario Kart) to pick up and use against opponents, such as Bob-ombs and Chain Chomps. Tackling an opponent without the ball will earn the opponent a power up. Releasing a charged shot will earn your team a power up. Each team captain has a special kind of power up. For example, Donkey Kong's bananas are much larger than those of the other captains. The power ups can be turned off in the gameplay options.
  3. Super Strikes: Super strikes are charged shots that can be only used by the team captain and result in a goal worth two points. To activate them, press and hold the B button. Once activated, the player must press the B button when the moving white line goes over each of the two dark green lines in a golf-like meter. Hitting the left mark greatly increases the size of the right mark, and hitting the right mark will score the goal. Hitting both marks result in a perfect strike with extra animations. Missing the right mark will cause the ball to be caught, bounced off, or reflected by the goalie. The super strikes can be turned off in the gameplay options.
  4. Bowser, King of Interference: Bowser appears in the game, but is not playable. Instead, he drops in randomly to wreck havoc on the field by breathing fire, stomping on players, tilting the field, and shooting items. The Bowser setting can be turned off in the gameplay options.
  5. The Stands: The stands are filled with Toads, Koopa Troopas, Yoshis, and Birdos. In the intro, the stands are also filled with Piantas, Nokis, Ukkikis, Paragoombas, and Bumptys.

[edit] Controls

Control Stick- Navigate through options and move your player
D-Pad- Navigate through options
L Button- L+A to Lob Pass and L+B to Lob Shot
Start/Pause- Opens Pause Menu
Z Button- Switch between Power-Up items
R Button- R+Control Stick to use turbo run
Y Button- Deke Move (Offensive) and Big Hit (Defensive)
X Button- Use Power-Up Item
A Button- Confirm selection, Pass, and Switch Player
B Button- Cancel, Shoot, Slide Tackle, and to clear the ball
C Stick- Deke move in a certain direction and throw your opponet's timing off during a Super Strike

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