Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy
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PAL Box Art

Developer Nintendo EAD
Publisher Nintendo
Platform Wii
Release Date(s) JP November 1, 2007

NA November 12, 2007
EU November 16, 2007
AUS November 29, 2007

Genre Platform game
Rating 3+

Super Mario Galaxy is Mario's first adventure on the Nintendo Wii. It's the 3rd 3D Mario game in the series. Instead of taking Mario through Mushroom Kingdom as usual, you will be taking him through the whole galaxy, as the name suggests. Luigi also appears as a playable character and can be unlocked by collecting 120 stars with Mario. After beating the game with Luigi, both characters can get a bonus star, which adds up to a total of 121 stars for each character, which also makes 242 stars in total of the game. The game was critically acclaimed, scoring a 97.64 on Gamerankings, making it to this day the best ranking game on Gamerankings. The success of this game led to a sequel, Super Mario Galaxy 2.

[edit] Plot

Mario is invited to a Star Festival to celebrate the comet that passes every 1,000 years. Bowser, with the help of various minions, comes in with a surprise attack with all his air ships and takes Peach (including the whole castle) and flies away with them into space, Mario doesn't let him go so easily so he follows him. But in the end he was no match for them, and gets sent flying off to another planet by Kamek. On the planet he sees all these stars, and meets another princess named Rosalina. She tells Mario about the trouble she is having and that it might be connected to Bowser. So Mario goes around the star observatory, (the comet where Rosalina and the Lumas are) and restores stars that will power up the observatory.

After obtaining at least 60 stars of the whole 120, the star observatory now has enough power to travel to the center of the universe, where Bowser lies. So Mario travels there and when you meet Bowser you find out he is trying to take over the Universe! Instead of just the Mushroom Kingdom, this time he is going to take over something far bigger. So Mario goes into battle with him and destroys his planet, causing a darkhole. Luma's sacrifice themselves to stop the darkhole, and Rosalina tells Mario that the Luma's never die, they just get reborn as new stars. Mario lands back on Mushroom Kingdom with the castle in the normal spot and all three of them (Mario, Peach, Bowser) are laying unconscious on the ground. They wake up and after a short little cut scene the credits roll.

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