Super Mario Bros.

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Super Mario Bros.
Super mario bros frontcover large.jpg

Cover of the North American version of the game

Developer Nintendo
Publisher Nintendo
Director(s) Shigeru Miyamoto
Platforms Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo Entertainment System (as a part of Super Mario All Stars), Game Boy Color (as Super Mario Bros. Deluxe) Game Boy Advance, Nintendo Wii (Virtual Console)
Release Date North America: October 1985
Japan September 13, 1985
Europe May 15, 1987
Australia 1987

Super Mario Bros. was the game that helped fuel Nintendo's success at resurrecting the video game industry. It is the successor to the Nintendo arcade classic that was simply called Mario Bros. It came packaged with the Nintendo Entertainment System, so it's very easy to find a copy today. The game was also bundled in a single cart with two other games: A Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt cartridge as well as a Super Mario Bros., Duck Hunt, and World Class Track Meet combination cart. It has sold over 40 million copies and was the very best selling game of all time for over two decades, until Wii Sports has outsold it in 2009.


[edit] Story

The story takes place in the Mushroom Kingdom, where the citizens are living peacefully. But then, the evil Koopas King, Bowser, casts a spell on the Mushroom Kingdom that turns the citizens into blocks, bushes, and other things. The only person who can break the spell is the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, Princess Toadstool (later known as Peach). But Bowser captures her and holds her captive in his castle. Mario, hearing the news, heads off to save her and return the citizens back to normal.

[edit] Controls

Left: Moves Mario left
Right: Moves Mario right
Up: Allows Mario to climb the vine
Down: Causes Mario to duck if he has a Power-up, and makes him go through a down pipe

Select: On the Menu screen, this button selects between one or two players

Start: Pauses/Unpauses the game and confirms the choice between one or two players on the main menu

A Button: Makes Mario jump over gaps, jump onto enemies and leap over Bowser. Also, used for moving through the water in Worlds 2-2 and 7-2.

B Button: Makes Mario run faster by holding this button down and if you have the Fire Flower Power-up, Mario will shoot fire balls.

Tiny Gap Run: If there is a gap the happens to be one block wide, Mario can run over these by simply using the speed run (holding down B button). When over a small gap, you cannot jump.

[edit] Gameplay

The game's gameplay is very simple, and it's this pick-up-and-play simplicity that is the main appeal of the game. Mario is able to run, jump, swim, and shoot fireballs from his hands. There are 8 worlds to traverse, each one steadily increasing in difficulty. The player earns points for defeating enemies and collecting coins or other items.

[edit] Items

There are various items the player can collect to give him or her an advantage while playing the game.

  • Coins*

Coins are scattered all over the Mushroom Kingdom. Collecting 100 of these will gain Mario an extra life.

  • Super Mushroom*

The Super Mushroom increases Mario's size so that he may take an extra hit before he is killed.

  • Fire Flower*

The Fire Flower grants Mario the ability to shoot fire from his hands. The fireballs can defeat most enemies instantly. When Mario gets hit, he reverts back to small Mario and needs to collect another Super Mushroom before another Fire Flower becomes available.

  • 1-Up Mushroom*

This green mushroom gives Mario an extra life as soon as he touches it.

  • Star*

This item protect's Mario/Luigi for a limited time. With this item Mario/Luigi can kill any enemy (expect for Bowser) just by touching them.

[edit] Enemies

The game has a variety of enemies, each of which requires a different strategy in order to defeat them.

  • Goomba

The Goomba is the walking mushroom-like creature that Mario faces from the start of the game. Goombas can be defeated from jumping on their heads or shooting a fireball at them.

  • Koopa

Koopas are the turtle creatures. When the player jumps on one, they hide in their shell. The shell can be kicked to defeat enemies, but it can also hurt Mario if it bounces back and hits him.

  • Piranha Plant

These evil plants live inside pipes and will pop out and damage Mario. They can only be defeated by using a fireball. To keep them from popping out, either stand on top of the pipe or right up against it.

  • Hammer Bros.

The Hammer Bros. can be one of the most difficult enemies in the game. They can throw hammers and jump around, and usually show up in pairs, making them formidable foes. Luckily they can be killed by simply jumping on them, hitting a block underneath them, or hitting them with a fireball.

  • Buzzy Beetle

Buzzy Beetles have thick shells and cannot be defeated by fireballs. Otherwise, they are similar to Koopas: their shells can be used as weapons.

  • Bullet Bill

Bullet Bills are fired from cannons and can damage Mario if he does not jump on their heads. They are helpful to reach higher places or cross a large gap.

  • Cheep-Cheep

One of the underwater dangers that Mario faces. When underwater, this fish can only be defeated by a fireball. In later overworld levels, however, it jumps from the water. In this case, it can be defeated by jumping on it.

  • Blooper

Bloopers are squids that swim in an irregular pattern underwater. Like the Cheep-Cheeps, they can only be killed by fireballs while underwater. Like Cheep-Cheeps, they also appear above ground and are defeated by a simple jump on the head in this state.

  • Bowser

Bowser appears at the end of each of the 8 worlds in a castle. He can be defeated either by shooting him with multiple fireballs, or by collecting the axe behind him to cut down the bridge he stands on. The real Bowser is only fought in World 8. The Bowsers in the other 7 Worlds are clones.

[edit] Mario's Forms

  • Tiny Mario: Your default Mario. As Tiny Mario, you will die if hit by anything that can damage you. Tiny Mario can fit under any gap.

  • Super Mario: Attained by using a Mushroom. As Super Mario, you will be able to take one hit of damage before reverting back to Tiny Mario. Super Mario has to crouch and slide to fit under tiny gaps.

  • Fire Flower Mario: Attained by using a Fire Flower. As Fire Flower Mario, you will be able to shoot fire balls at enemies by pressing the B button (only two fireballs on the screen at once). Like Super Mario, Fire Flower Mario can take one hit of damage reverting back to Tiny Mario. Fire Flower Mario has to crouch and slide to fit under tiny gaps

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