Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World

Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2
Platform(s) Game Boy Advance (GBA), Virtual Console (VC)
Release Date(s) Virtual Console
JP Dec 2, 06
NA Feb 5, 07
AUS/EU Feb 9, 07


[edit] Story

Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2 will be a GBA remake of the first SNES Mario title, Super Mario World (just as the first Mario Advance was a remake of the SNES version of Super Mario Bros. 2). This sequel will feature yet another update to the classic arcade game "Mario Bros." (also in Mario Advance) for more multiplayer options on the go!

[edit] Controls

  • A button- Swim or jump, Descend slowly with the cape, Fly with Yoshi, Confirm menu selection
  • B button- Speed up or carry items , Spin with cape , Control flights with cape , Punch while hanging from wire fence , Make Yoshi eat/ or spit out enemies , Throw fireballs , Cancel menu selection
  • L button-Press up , down , left , right after the L button to view more of map , check the entire world , shift the board to the right of the results screen
  • R button- Spin jump, Jump of Yoshis back, Switch between Mario and Luigi on map screen, shift the board to the left of the results screen Start button-Pause mid game, confirm menu selections. Select button-Use reserve items, switch between the map and results screen, and make menu selections.

[edit] Characters

  • Mario is average he is a favorite.
  • Luigi Has a good jump but not as good as Mario.
  • Yoshi You can control by hitting a question mark block. You jump on him to ride him.

[edit] Multiplayer

It works like the old Mario Bros the first one to get so many coins wins you can knock each other into enemies to lose life’s gain power ups and even choose the difficulty level. Also if you want to play the classic Mario Bros alone you can play it 1 player and see how far you can get. The stages change as in get harder so be on your toes.

[edit] Items

To get these items you usually have to hit a yellow block with a "?" on.

  • Feather: Get this and you can fly. Also you can get them out of the green box.
  • Fire Flower: Once you have this you can shoot fireballs
  • Mushroom: Collect this to make little Mario or Luigi bigger.
  • Star: Makes you invincible for a short period of time
  • Half Moon: Collect one of these and get 3 extra lives, this is a rare item and can not be found in a box.
  • Light blue mushroom: Collect one of these and get an extra life
  • Yoshi: Yoshi can eat enemies; sometimes they have effects on him

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