Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64
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Developer Nintendo EAD
Publisher Nintendo
Platform Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS (as Super Mario 64 DS) Nintendo Wii (Virtual Console)
Release Date(s) Japan: June 23, 1996

North America: September 26, 1996
Europe: March 1, 1997

Genre Platform game
Ratings ESRB: (E) Everyone

Super Mario 64 is a 3D platformer game on the Nintendo 64 which is one of the first games for the Nintendo 64.

It is later remade as Super Mario 64 DS for the Nintendo DS.


[edit] Background

Super Mario 64 is Mario's first 3D adventure. It is often considered the game that revolutionized 3D gaming. Super Mario 64 is not like the older Mario games in 3D though. There's a lot of differences. A notable difference is that instead of simply going from the beginning to the end of each level is that each level requires to do a certain task. These can range from beating a boss to find to simply collecting 8 red coins. Once Mario does the task, he gets a star. Most levels contains multiple tasks to do. The main courses have 7 tasks each, and the other 15 stars are scattered among several secret courses. The more stars you get, the more levels you unlock and the closer you get to a Bowser fight, who is, as usual, the main villain.

[edit] Plot

The game begins with a letter from Princess Peach. She invites Mario to visit her castle. As Mario arrives, we find out that Bowser has already kidnapped Princess Peach and her servants using the power of the castle's 120 power stars. The castle is full of many different paintings which Mario may go into to to arrive or warp to another world. It is possible to get 8 power stars in every world. As Mario gets more and more power stars, he gains access to more rooms to get even more power stars. Occasionally, you confront Bowser and have a battle with him. When defeating him the third and final time, the credit roll appears and the story is completed. Once collecting all 120 stars, a cannon will open, and you will be able to fly to the roof and you get a surprise from Yoshi.

[edit] Levels

There are four different floors in Princess Peach's Castle. They are the basement, the main floor, the second floor, and the third floor. Whenever you face Bowser, you go into a separate level.

First Floor: Requires: Nothing

Back of the Castle: Requires: 12 Power Stars Required

Basement: Requires: 8 Stars and the beating of Bowser (1st time)

Second Floor: Requires: 30 Stars and the beating of Bowser (2nd time)

Third Floor: Requires: 50 Stars

[edit] Hidden Stars

To collect all 120 Power Stars in Super Mario 64, Mario will need to obtain the fifteenth hidden Power Stars in the Castle. Three of the stars can be found in the Bowser levels as 8 Red Coin missions. 4 can be found in hidden courses(Two inThe Princess's Secret Slide, The Secret Aquarium,Wing Cap Mario Over the Rainbow). Three more can be found in the Cap Switch levels(Vanish Cap Under the Moat,Cavern of the Metal Cap,Tower of the Wing Cap). Two more can be obtained by catching the rabbit near Lethal Lava Land. Mario will need 20 Stars to get the first Star and 50 for the second. The last three can be found by talking to a Toad outside of Hazy Maze Cave, second floor of the castle, and near Tick Tock Clock.

[edit] Bowser

Overtime, you will be forced to face Bowser to move on. To fight him, you must first find a door with a Star on it. Each of these doors requires a different amount of Power Stars; some ranging from 8 Power Stars to as much as 70 Power Stars. After you have gone through a Star Door, you must go through a level. At the end of the level will be a pipe; go through this and face Bowser! When Bowser is defeated, he will give you a key to advance to the next area of the Castle. After beating the last Bowser, you will beat the whole game.

Requirements to face each Bowser:

Required: 8 Power Stars

Required: 30 Power Stars

Required: Power 70 Stars (50 Using The Backwards Long jump)

[edit] Caps

There are four caps in the game obviously one being the red one that Mario wears all of the time but there is also the Metal, Wing and Invisble Caps you can wear as well. You can wear these hats by hitting certain blocks after acquiring the caps.

[edit] Invisible Cap

The Invisible Cap allows Mario to become invisible for a short period of time. During this time, he cannot be harmed besides falling. As well he can walk through certain wire cages and thin walls. To gain access to the course Vanish Cap Under the Moat, Mario will need to drain the water from the moat. After that, Mario can jump into the hole and complete the course and get the Invisible Cap and as well collect a Power Star!`

[edit] Metal Cap

To be able to enter the course, you will need to be able to access Hazy Maze Cave and make your way to the underground lake and enter the double doors. After jumping into the pool of metal, you will be transported to the Cavern of the Metal Cap. Inside you will need to take the left path and make your way towards the Metal Cap ! Switch. Once hit, you will be able to hit the Metal Box whenever you find it in a level. When wearing this cap, Mario will not take any damage when hit and he will be able to sink to the bottom of any water. There is also a Star to collect in this course.

[edit] Wing Cap

After you have collected 10 Power Stars, there will be a light in the main lobby of Princess Peach's Castle that will take you to Tower of the Wing Cap level. All you do is have to look up to access it. Hitting the switch will allow you to use the Wing Cap throughout the game whenever you find the Wing Cap block. As well if you collect the 8 red coins that are in the sky, they will give you a Power Star for this level. To be able to fly, you will need to jump three times and instead of doing a triple jump, you will do a somersault into the air and fly. The Wing Cap does not stay, it will go away after a short period of time.

[edit] Bosses

There are several bosses featured in Super Mario 64. They are:

[edit] Main Characters

  • Where: On top of the castle
  • Not Playable
  • Gives you 100 1ups
  • Get 120 Stars to get on top
  • Where: You play as him the whole game
  • Playable
  • You play. Doesn't give special things.
  • You play as him forever. You don't need something to unlock him.
  • Where: In front of the castle
  • Not Playable
  • You're trying to save her, and then that is the end of the game.
  • Ending Cutscenes
  • Bowser
  • Where: Boss of Bowser in the Dark World, Bowser in the Fire Sea, and Bowser in the Sky
  • Not Playable
  • He's a boss, he doesn't give you special things.
  • He's a boss. You don't need something to unlock him.

[edit] Trivia

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