Super Glider

Super Glider

Luigi riding on a Super Glider in Mario Kart 7.

Game Kart is in Mario Kart 7
Boosts Nothing
Hinders Nothing
How to Unlock Available from the start

The Super Glider is one of the gliders from Mario Kart 7. It is the default glider in the game and neither boosts nor hinders any stats. It is the glider equivalent to the Standard Kart in the game. As such, it's a great glider to start out with if you're aiming to learn the ins and outs of gliding in Mario Kart 7.

[edit] Stats

These take a character's base in each of the following stats and adds or subtracts from them depending on the glider:

Speed= 0
Acceleration= 0
Weight= 0
Handling= 0
Off-Road= 0

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