Star Dash

Star Dash

Wario, Baby Luigi, Toadsworth, and Red Pianta playing a game of Star Dash.

Game(s) Mini-Game is in Mario Superstar Baseball
Objective Collect the most coins within the time limit.
Hosting Stadium Bowser Castle

Star Dash is the unlockable mini-game featured in Mario Superstar Baseball. It is a 4-player mini-game that is played within the infield of Bowser Castle.

[edit] Rules and Objective

This is perhaps the most hectic mini-game in Superstar Baseball. The basic goal is to have the most coins at the end of the mini-game to win, but there are plenty of things that can happen within the time the mini-game starts and the time it ends. Along with coins that are shot out, there will also be Stars, Poison Mushrooms, and Mushrooms. The Mushroom has a very similar effect to what it does in Chain Chomp Sprint in that it will increase a player's foot speed greatly. A Star will make a player invincible while slightly increasing their foot speed. The player effected by the Star can also run into other players to make them lose many coins. Being hit by a player with a Star will also immobilize you for a short time. A Poison Mushroom will greatly slow a player down and should be avoided when possible. On top of these sometimes shooting out, players must also watch out for Thwomps from above. If a Thwomp crushes a player, then that player ends up losing numerous coins and is also immobilized for a brief time. When the timer expires, the player left with the most coins will win the game. There is a 60-second time limit with Single-Player Special Level being the lone exception. It has a 90-second time limit.

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