Spray Anything

Spray Anything
MP7 SprayAnything.jpg
Spray Anything as it is seen in Mario Party 7

Spray Anything is a one vs three mini-game found in Mario Party 7. It consists of the three players trying to shoot the lone player with water balls. The lone player is on a floating platform with the other three players circling it with there water shooting guns. It is possible for the three players to shoot one another, if this happens the player who got hit will not be able to shoot for a very short time. The lone player just has to not get wet by avoiding the water balls. If the lone player gets hit the three players win, and if the lone player stays in action until the time runs out than he or she wins.

[edit] Controls

The lone player uses the control pad to avoid the water balls, and the three players use the left and right buttons to move, and the A button to shoot.

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