Spiny Shell (Mario Kart)

Spiny Shell

Spiny Shell, as seen in Mario Kart Wii.

First Appeared In Mario Kart 64
Latest Appearance Mario Kart 8

The Spiny Shell (also often referred as the Blue Shell) is an item found in the Mario Kart Series. It would make its first appearance in Mario Kart 64, where it was known as the Blue Spiny Shell. It is a blue shell with spikes and sometimes will have wings on the item. It's not to be confused with the Blue Shell.

It is an obtainable object that can be obtained by the Item Box. It will target the player in 1st place when used and take the player out. The function of the item will vary depending on the game it appears in. It is also a power-up in some Mario Sports games.


[edit] Games

[edit] Mario Kart Series

[edit] Mario Kart 64

It would first be introduced in Mario Kart 64. It would have several spinies covering the shell and travels across the ground when used. Any player that is not in first place, is able to collect this item and use it, even though there are certain Item Boxes that contain the Blue Spiny Shell only.

When it is used, it will travel across the ground and strike any player that is ahead of the player who used the item. To avoid the shell, the player will need to veer out of its way at the last second so it will miss and continue on. The player who is in first place, cannot avoid the shell unless they have a Star or Boo on hand to use. Once it hits the player in first place, it will flip and then fall off the screen. But if it misses the player in first place, it will circle around the track and try to attack the player in first place.

The player who gets the item can also drag it behind their Kart while holding the button without releasing it. It can take a hit and hit any incoming players, and remain active throughout the race unless hit by a Star or fell of the course. If the player releases it while in first place, it will instantly return and hit that player.

[edit] Mario Kart: Super Circuit

The item would have the same function in Mario Kart: Super Circuit with a darker blue color appearance. It will make a distinct siren when used to alert any players ahead of them. It will only be activated when a kart in first place passes by it.

[edit] Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

It would get a revamp in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. It can be obtained by any player by running over an Item Box or Double Item Box. It would also have wings in its appearance and allow it to fly around the track and skip any obstacles on the track.

It can be collected by those who are in fourth place or lower and will fly at fast speeds when launched. Once it finds its target, it will hover behind the vehicle before exploding on contact. It will cause a blue blast and throw the player up in the air, any racers that touch the blast will also spin out after impact. It will make the player lose all of their items and have them dropped onto the road.

It will only go for the leading player in the face. If the player in first place has already finished the race, the Spiny Shell will go after the active leader in the race(example would be second place). Additionally, if a player is holding the Spiny Shell, other races will not be able to pick up the shell until that player has used it.

[edit] Mario Kart DS

The Spiny Shell would keep its appearance from Double Dash in Mario Kart DS. It can be obtained by a player who is in fourth to seventh place and once used, it will fly towards the active leader of the race. It will fly briefly around the player before falling and exploding onto the player and destroying the items held by the racer. It can only be avoided by the use of a Star, Bullet Bill, or Boo.

It is not available in Battle Mode.

[edit] Mario Kart Wii

Similar to its appearance in Mario Kart DS, the Spiny Shell in Mario Kart Wii can be obtained by a racer who is in third place or below. It is far more common in this game even if the options are changed to "Aggressive" in Versus Mode. It is less common when settings are changed to "Strategic" or "Normal", but players are still given it when they are in lower positions. It can be avoided by the use of a Star, Mega Mushroom, Mushroom, or Bullet Bill, or the Barrel Cannon in this game.

In Battle Mode and Team Races, it will not hit the members of the same team. In Team Race, it will go for the leader of the opposing team, regardless of their placing in the race.

[edit] Mario Kart 7

The Spiny Shell would return in Mario Kart 7. The shell would no longer have wings, but instead look more like its appearance from Mario Kart 64, though it will act to some extent like the Spiny Shell in Mario Kart Wii. It will slide over the ground, similar to other shells while aiming for the racer in first place. It can also knock over any other racer that gets in its way. When it reaches the driver, it will hover over them for a few seconds before dropping down and causing an explosion on the first place racer, though it can harm other racers in the explosion. When hit, it will cause the racer to drop their coins, though they will not drop the items they are holding.

It can only be avoided if the player uses a Mushroom, Star, Bullet Bill or dropping out of 1st place before it is launched. It can also be dodged by falling off the track at the right moment. If the shell passes by you, it will continue around the track for another lap before striking whomever is the leader at the time the siren stops.

[edit] Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart 8 takes on a similar appearance and function as it does in Mario Kart 7, first by gliding on the ground like a normal shell. Any karts that get in its way gets knocked over. Prior to reaching the leader, it will take flight for a bit, hovering over its target for a few seconds before dropping down and exploding. This explosion sends the leader flying, and any karts that are too close to the blast will also go flying or spin out from the shockwave.

In addition to using a Star or Bullet Bill to counter the attack, racers can now use a well-timed blast from the Super Horn to destroy the Spiny Shell whilst it is in flight.

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