Spiny Orb

Spiny Orb

Spiny Orb as it appears in Mario Party 6.

Appearance(s) Mario Party 5, Mario Party 6, and Mario Party 7
Effect Mario Party 5- After landing on a space containing his capsule, you are able to attack an opponent chosen via the roulette wheel. The victim loses 10 coins to you.

Mario Party 6- Single Space Orb that, when landed on, will cause 3 Spiked Shells to rain down on the player, causing the victim to lose 10 coins to the owner of the Orb Space.
Mario Party 7- Roadblock Orb that causes a passing player to lose 10 coins.

Coin Cost 5 coins(Mario Party 6 and Mario Party 7)
Rarity Very Common

The Spiny Orb was first introduced in Mario Party 5 as the Spiny Capsule. When a player lands on a space containing this capsule, he/she is able to steal 10 coins from another player whom is chosen at random via the roulette wheel. It returned in Mario Party 6 and cost 5 coins to buy from an Orb Shop. This makes it a very common sight in the game. It's a Single Space Orb that, when landed on, will trigger an event causing 3 spiked shells to rain down on the unsuspecting player that landed on the space. This costs the victim 10 coins and the owner of the Orb Space receives them. The Orb would make its third and final appearance in Mario Party 7. It still costs 5 coins to buy from an Orb Shop, however it became a Roadblock Orb. The first player to pass will lose 10 coins as a spiked shell rotates underneath his/her feet. As it is a Roadblock Orb, the effects can be evaded should the potential victim be under the effects of a Metal Mushroom Orb.

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