Spike Strike

Spike Strike
Spike Strike.png
Spike Strike as shown in Mario Party 9.

Spike Strike is a Boss Minigame that appears in Mario Party 9. Players must grab a hammer as they can to knock the rolling spiked balls back at Spike. If you fail to grab a hammer in time, the spiked ball will hit you, causing you to lose one point. Regualar hammers are worth one point, the gold hammer is worth three points, and the branch is worth zero points which leads you to taking damage from Spike. There will be some rounds in which there will be less hammers than the amount of players in the minigame. In that case, there will always be a player guaranteed to lose a point.

When Spike's life bar reaches the midpoint, the lava behind the players will start to rise, forcing them to move closer to Spike. This will give players a shorter amount of time to choose a hammer. The player with the most points will win the minigame and obtain the most Mini Stars.

[edit] Controls

Hold The Wii Remote vertically.

  • Point the Wii Remote at the Hammer you want to select, then press A to confirm.
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