Space Land

Space Land
Space Land.gif

The logo used for the Space Land board map.

Game board is in Mario Party 2
Difficulty Level Medium
Star Space type Standard
 ? Space Effect Sends the local police crew out to chase any players caught in the cruiser's path to the other end of the board.
Availability Available from the start.

Space Land is one of the board maps in Mario Party 2. On this map, players dress up as astronauts and become part of the Space Patrol in order to keep peace in space. The main attraction on this board is the Bowser-faced junction with the LED in its mouth at the direct center of the board. There is a timer in the middle and when it hits 0, the board's villain, Black Hole Bowser would fire the Bowser Beam from his satellite at the top right-hand corner of the board. The beam would be fired in a diagonal path and any players caught by the blast would lose every single coin they have at the time. After the beam is fired, the timer in the middle would reset to 5. When players land on a ? Space, a Thwomp or Whomp would come out in a police cruiser to chase all players in its path to the other end of the board. There are four Snifit Police Stations where a player can pay a 5 coin fee. If they pay this fee, then the Snifit Police will ride out and chase players in its path to the opposite side of the board upon the next ? Space being landed on.

Just before Toad is able to declare the Super Star of the game, a red Koopa Troopa shows up to proclaim that Black Hole Bowser is attacking the station. A cut-scene ensues where Bowser is seen chasing off multiple Koopas with his laser and one green Koopa falls over. Bowser traps the Koopa with his two lasers. Soon, the winner of the game appears to confont Bowser. The winner tries to fire their laser at Bowser, but it prooves ineffective. The winner then tries to get behind Bowser, but this attempt is blocked. Finally, the winner runs circles around Bowser until an opportunity to hit Bowser from the backside arises, thus defeating Bowser and earning the congratulations of Toad, Koopa, and the other players.

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