Soarin' Stu

Soarin' Stu
Shine para.jpg
Soarin' Stu, as seen in Super Mario Sunshine.

The Soarin' Stu enemy is a type of Stu that appears in Super Mario Sunshine. They have a similar resemblance to the Strollin' Stu, as they wear a blue pair of pants and have insect-like wings on their backs which allows them to fly. Often they will hover in place unless they notice Mario, then they will begin to approach him. Once they have approached Mario, they will swoop down and deal one damage of health to Mario before stealing his hat. When Mario is hatless, he will take one damage every few seconds until he gets his cap back. This is the only way he can lose his cap in Super Mario Sunshine.

To defeat Soarin' Stu, a simple squirt from F.L.U.D.D. or a stomp can defeat this enemy.

They can be found in the Pinna Park level on the beach in one of the episodes, and in the secret level in Sirena Beach. They will have bat-like wings in this episode instead of the insect wings.

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