Snowman's Land

This is for the N64 Version. If you're looking for the DS version, try here!

Snowman's Land
The beginning of Snowman's Land
Star Missions Snowman's Big Head
Chill With the Bully
In the Deep Freeze
Whirl From the Freezing Pond
Shell Shredding For Red Coins
Into The Igloo

Snowman's Land is the tenth course in Super Mario 64. Snowman's Land is the second snow-based level in the game. The other being [{Cool Cool Mountain]]. The name is a pun to "No Man's Land". To access this course, Mario will need to have acquired the second key to gain access to the floor above the lobby. Going through another door in this area, will lead to a mirror room. There will be a blank wall to Mario's left, if he looks into the mirror, he will see a painting of Cool, Cool Mountain. If Mario jumps into the blank wall, he will reach Snowman's Land.

The water in Snowman's Land will deplete Mario's health as it is considered to be ice cold.


[edit] Star Missions

[edit] Star 1: Snowman's Big Head

For the first Power Star, Mario will have to climb up the giant Mr. Blizzard. Once Mario has reached the ice bridge, the large snowman will come to life and tell Mario that his climbing is bothering him. The snowman will then start to blowing out of his mouth to try and get rid of Mario. Mario will be blown off the bridge if he is hit by the breeze and lose his hat. The only way to get past the wind, is to use the penguin that is walking back and forth on the bridge. The penguin will walk across, then stop and even walk backwards a few steps so the player will need to be careful. Once the player has reached the other side, Mario will need to continue to the climb the mountain and collect the Power Star.

Mario can also ride on the penguin's head to avoid the win.

[edit] Star 2; Chill with the Bully

For the second Power Star, Mario will need to find the Chill Bully that is walking on an ice platform above a pool of extremely cold water. Mario will have to knock the bully off of the platform and into the extremely cold water to defeat the Bully. Similar to how Bullies are defeated in Lethal Lava Land. The Power Star will appear in the center of the platform.

[edit] Star 3: In the Deep Freeze

Mario will need to go left at the start of the course. He will have to enter the ice structure that he sees in front of him. Inside of the structure, he will see a Power Star. The player will have to explore the structure to find a way in and navigate through it to collect the Power Star.

[edit] Star 4: Whirl From the Freezing Pond

Mario has to travel to the other side of the course where the small pond is located. The water in this pond is cold water that will take health away from Mario but Mario will be able to swim in the water. Mario will have to jump on a Spindrift to spin jump over the wall and find himself in an area with two ! boxes. One of them will contain a Koopa Shell and the other the Power Star. Mario can also fly over with the owl.

[edit] Star 5: Shell Shredding For Red Coins

Going back to the area where Mario got the previous Power Star, he will need to hit the other ! Block that contains the Koopa Shell. When riding the Koopa Shell, Mario will be able to travel over the water, making him immune to the cold water effect. Here is where the Red Coins can be found:

  • Two are located on the snow wall beside the shells location.
  • Two are under Chilly Bully's platform.
  • The rest are located on a path towards the Star Marker.

Once you have collected all 8 Red Coins, the Power Star will appear on the Star Marker, near the beginning of the course.

[edit] Star 6: Into the Igloo

For the sixth Power Star mission, Mario will need to venture into the igloo. To find the igloo, Mario will have to go behind the freezing pond where the Koopa Shell can be found. He will need to get on the shell and back to the freezing pond and go up the steep slope with coins on it. Mario normally can't get up there, but with the shell, he will be able too. Mario will jump over the fence and crawl into the small tunnel leading to the igloo.

Once inside the igloo, Mario will see the Power Star on a wooden platform, but it is encased with ice and he can't get to it yet. He will have to find the Vanish Cap. Going through the igloo towards the top right corner, will get Mario to a Blue ! Block that contains the cap. Mario will just have to jump over the ice wall and get the cap. Once Mario is Invisible, he can just walk over and get the Power Star.

[edit] Collecting 100 Coins

There are a total of 127 coins in Snowman's Land. There are no Blue Coins located in this level. Here are some hints to collect coins:

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