Snowflake Lake

Snowflake Lake

Overview of Snowflake Lake board map during the night.

Game board is in Mario Party 6
Difficulty Level Medium
Star Space type None
Green Space Effect Varied
Availability Available from the start.

Snowflake Lake is one of the 6 board maps in Mario Party 6. It is set in a wintery environment like Chilly Waters in Mario Party 3. Despite it having lake in its name, there actually is no lake, but rather a pond. There are tons of Duel Spaces on this map and it is the only board in MP6 in which a Duel Space is actually reachable from the Start space.
The 2 Green Spaces at the top of the board will make a snowman throw a snowball that will carry all players in the path of it back to Start. Landing on a Green Space next to the frozen pond(not lake) will trigger a game for everyone. During the day, Brighton will throw coins for the players to skate around and collect. Be sure to avoid the spike balls that are mixed in as they will stun you when you hit them. At night, players would have a snowball fight where coins would come with each hit. Everyone keeps the coins they get in the game.
There is no set Star Space on this board. Instead, all players will start with 5 Stars. The only way to gain Stars is to use Chain Chomps to crush others and steal a Star in the process. During the day, players who went by the doghouse would need to pay 20 coins for a ride on a Chain Chomp. At night, players could pay up to 30 coins to get a maximum of 3 Dice Blocks. Players would ride the Chain Chomp for the number of spaces equal to the Dice Block number, taking a Star from all players in the path. The way of getting Stars here would be brought back on Pyramid Park in Mario Party 7.
Freezies will appear during the night, blocking certain paths. They will melt away when the day phase start. All other day/night changes have already been explained.

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