Skeleton Key

Skeleton Key

Skeleton Key item as it appears in Mario Party 3.

Appearance(s) Mario Party 2 and Mario Party 3
Effect Unlocks special doors/gates on boards
Coin Cost 10 coins(Mario Party 2); 5 coins(Mario Party 3)
Rarity Very Common

The Skeleton Key is one of the many items that has appeared in the Mario Party Series. This item made its debut in Mario Party 2 and would make its final appearance in Mario Party 3. Having this item would let the player open special doors/gates throughout the boards. In Mario Party 2, players could not get rid of it and were forced to use it on a special door. In Mario Party 3, players were able to use it like a normal item during their turn to toss it away. This item's physical appearance also changed from Mario Party 2 to Mario Party 3. It was replaced by the Mini Mushroom in Mario Party 4. It costs 10 coins in Mario Party 2 and 5 coins in Mario Party 3. It is a very common item in special item games and the item shops.

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