Silly Screws

Silly Screws
Silly Screws.jpg
Luigi, and Yoshi playing Silly Screws.

Silly Screws is a Duel Minigame featured in Mario Party 3. Players must make their way to the goal by hopping on screws. In order to hop to the next screw, players must rotate their screw and line it up next to the following screw to allow their character to jump to the next screw. The faster you rotate, the longer it will take for the screw to slowdown, so it's wise to slowdown before the screw you're currently standing on is lined up with the following screw. The first player to reach the goal will win the minigame.

[edit] Controls

  • A - Press Repeatedly to Rotate the Screw Counterclockwise
  • B - Press Repeatedly to Rotate the Screw Clockwise
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