Shifting Sand Land

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Shifting Sand Land
The start of Shifting Sand Land
Star Missions In the Talons of the Big Bird
Shining Atop the Pyramid
Inside the Ancient Pyramid
Stand Tall On the Four Pillars
Free Flying For 8 Red Coins

Pyramid Puzzle

Shifting Sand Land is the eighth course in Super Mario 64. The course takes place in a desert. It is found to the left of the Lethal Lava Land portrait. There is no painting but a wall that Mario can just into. It is the first courses to have the entrance to it disguised as a wall. Snowman's Land would do a similar in later of the game. Most of the level is some form of quicksand.

In this course, there are four pillars that surround the pyramid. Two of these pillars can be reached by walking on the sand to them. While the other two are surrounded by the quicksand and only accessed by use of the Wing Cap or the Koopa Shell. The Pyramid is the main feature of the course. It is located in the center of the course and Three Power Stars can be collected inside. The boss Eyerok for the course is located in the pyramid and holds one of the Power Stars.

There is also a small oasis located in the course that Mario will come back to for one of the Red Coins. A Stone Gazebo is close to the start of the level, that has two Goombas on the bottom, while the top has a Wing Cap ! Red Block, Koopa Shell in Yellow ! Block and a Star Marker. There is also a small maze that rests on top of the quicksand, which has rolling Tox Boxes. There is a cannon hidden in the maze of the Tox Boxes.


[edit] Levels

[edit] Star 1:In the Talons of the Big Bird

This course features the first appearance of Klepto.

While Mario is exploring this course, he will come across a large vulture flying in the air holding a Power Star. This enemy is called Klepto. To collect this Power Star from this vulture, Mario will need to climb one of the pillars and wait for Klepto to fly over him. When this happens, Mario will need to jump to take the Star away. Once the vulture has been hit, the Power Star will float over to the left side of the pyramids main entrance.

Another method to collect the Power Star is to use the [{Wing Cap]] when Klepto flies t high.

[edit] Star 2: Shining Atop the Pyramid

For the second Power Star, Mario will need to get onto the pyramid. This can be done by two ways, using the ramp on the far side of the course, or using the Wing Cap that is atop of the Stone Gazebo near the beginning of the level. Mario will need to walk on the platforms around the pyramid to get to the top. The Power Star will be waiting for Mario in a small alcove near the top of the pyramid.

[edit] Star 3: Inside the Ancient Pyramid

Mario will need to enter the pyramid for this level as the title of the mission entails. To do this, Mario will need to go through the main entrance of the pyramid. He will either need to go all the way around the course to reach the ramp to get onto the pyramid or simply use the Wing Cap to fly over from the Stone Gazebo at the start of the level.

Once Mario has made it inside the pyramid, he will need to go to the top of the pyramid to reach and collect the Power Star He can go around the perimeter of the inside, or fall into the quicksand. He will need to climb the stairs to go up and move to his right, he will have to battle past enemies and walk across a Grindel. Next, Mario will need to climb up a pole to go up higher in the pyramid. Once up there, he should climb across the cage like bars that lead to large stairs. He will meet a large rolling enemy once that he can jump over or hide in the small space provided. After avoiding the enemy, he will go up these moving platforms and go through a narrow walkway and climb another power. Next Mario will encounter another Grendel, who we will need to go under or above to get past. Once past the Grendel, Mario will be able to collect the third Power Star.

[edit] Star 4: Stand Tall on the Four Pillars

As the star mission name says, Mario will need to stand on the four pillars that surround the pyramid. Two of these pillars, Mario will need to reach with the Wing Cap or Koopa Shell. The other two can be reached by just running. When Mario has stood on all four pillars, the top of the pyramid will collapse, which reveals another entrance to the pyramid that Mario can enter. Once inside, Mario will be able to collect the fourth Power Star.

But first, Mario will need to fight against Eyerok. the boss of the course. He will attempt to push Mario off the platform and into the bottomless pit, or try to crush him with his rock hands. Mario will need to hit Eyerok's eyes three times each to destroy him and finally collect the power star.

[edit] Star 5: Free Flying For 8 Red Coins

To collect this Power Star, Mario will need to collect the 8 Red Coins that are scattered throughout the level. None of them are located in the pyramid, they are all in the desert area of the course. Here are hints of where they are:

  • One behind Mario at the start of the level in the corner. Mario will need to be careful as it gets narrow and there is quicksand.
  • One inside of a Brick Block in the Stone Gazebo.
  • One in the maze with all of the Tox Boxes.
  • One in the pond at the oasis.
  • Four coins are in the sky located around the pyramid.

Once all 8 have been collected, the Power Star will appear on the Star Marker on the Stone Gazebo near the beginning of the level and where Mario collected the 2nd Red Coin.

[edit] Star 6: Pyramid Puzzle

Mario will need to enter the pyramid once more to collect the final Power Star. He will need to find five spots that are marked by a coin. Two of these spots are platforms close to a sand duct that is below the third Power Star located. Following this path, the other three spots are located on the duct where the sand moves to the sand pit on the first floor. When Mario collects all 5 of these spots, the Power Star will appear at the end of the sand duct.

[edit] Collecting 100 Coins

There are a total of 136 coins in Shifting Sand Land. Here are some hints to collect coins:

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