Sherbet Land

Sherbet Land

Sherbet Land, as seen in Mario Kart Wii.

Cups Star Cup(MK64 & MKDD)
Banana Cup
Distance 756 m

Sherbet Land has appeared in three Mario Kart titles.

[edit] Mario Kart 64

Sherbet Land is the second track of the Star Cup in Mario Kart 64. This track is icy, and there are penguins that will try and get in the players way by sliding around. If a driver falls into the water, they will be automatically frozen and it will take large to get moving again due to the icy water.

[edit] Mario Kart Double Dash!!

In Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, the track would make its second appearance. It is the first track of the Star Cup and belongs to Baby Luigi and Baby Mario. Penguins would be replaced in this game by Shy Guys and at the end of the track, there are Freezies. If a player hits one, they will be frozen for a few seconds.

[edit] Mario Kart Wii

Sherbet Land would return in Mario Kart Wii on the Banana Cup.

The staff ghost data is:

Normal Staff Ghost Time - 02:48.651
Unlock Time - 02.37.784
Expert Staff Ghost Time - 02.28.356

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